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Upcoming 'Titanfall' update address complaints, adds private matches

Titanfall complaints are being quickly addressed by Respawn Entertainment. (Respawn Entertainment)

Respawn Entertainment continues to address player complaints with Titanfall through free updates for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC sci-fi shooter. The studio announced an incoming update Thursday that adds the ability for players to engage in private matches as well as a number of bug fixes and gameplay balance changes as well as a modification to what turned out to be the most challenging of regeneration challenges.

The biggest new update in the upcoming Titanfall patch is the addition of private matches. Players will be able to start and invite friends to Private Match Lobbies that support two to twelve people balanced out between up to six per side. These private matches can be used to start any of the match types currently in the game such as Attrition, Capture the Flag and Last Titan Standing.

Private matches will be labeled as a beta when the update is released to give Respawn Entertainment the opportunity to make changes based on player feedback. For example, the developer is introducing “Party Leaders” who will control the game options as well as start or stop the match countdown. Game options like options like round time and score limits are not editable now but will be in future updates.

Another difference with private matches is that players will not be able to gain any XP, progress through any challenges or unlock any achievements. This is to prevent player boosting. However, all matches will still be run using the current dedicated server setup.

Other updates as part of the upcoming patch include party members now showing up as blue dots in the mini-map, the removal of a wall hack exploit in the PC version, and a Party App shortcut for the Xbox One. Respawn is also changing the “Play Classic” menu item to “Play Multiplayer” because that was causing some confusion among players.

On the gameplay balance change front, the Gooser challenge to hit Generation Level 5 was proving to be way too challenging by requiring players to kill 50 ejecting pilots. The new requirement will to kill merely five ejecting pilots.

Meanwhile, the 40mm Cannon has been nerfed by reducing its magazine size from 20 rounds to 12 rounds and even the Extended Mag mod has been reduced to 16. The Quad Rocket when the other direction though and now holds five rounds by default, six rounds extended and has had its power increased so it can drop another Titan’s shields with just four shots.

The gameplay balance changes extend to the Hardpoint mode as well with Respawn making further tweaks to reward those that capture Hardpoints versus defending them. The points rewarded for capturing a Hardpoint will be increased from 150 points to 250 points related point rewards also being increased. The points rewarded for defending a Hardpoint drops from 75 points to only 25 points.

Capture the Flag has point changes as well going with the reward for successfully capturing a flag dropping from 500 points to 400. On the defensive side, returning the flag to base is dropped from 250 points to 100 points and killing an enemy flag carrier has been dropped from 150 points to 100.

There are a number of bug fixes across all platforms but more interesting is what Respawn revealed to be coming in a future update after the update that drops everything mentioned above. Custom slots for players and Titans will be updated to not only be specific per game mode but will also have the ability to be renamed. That’s just a glimpse of what is coming to the future of Titanfall.

This patches will be deployed to the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC versions of Titanfall later today, Thursday, April 10.

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