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Upcoming shows that should sell out, part 1

Kristian Matsson/The Tallest Man On Earth will rock you
Kristian Matsson/The Tallest Man On Earth will rock you
Jon Behm Photography

The next few months are going to get serious, folks. A lot of great acts are playing in this great city. Many have already sold out—Amos Lee, Mumford & Sons, and Umphree's McGee have sold out single shows at Lincoln Hall, while The xx have already sold out two at the venue. Some acts have been kind enough to add another date in Chicago, such as Passion Pit and Rogue Wave.

The list of shows to get your tickets to sooner-than-later is huge, so huge that I am breaking it up into two separate posts. To say all of these shows will sell out is ludicrous, but they will all be hot tickets, and better-safe-than-sorry and all that. This one will be dedicated to the smaller venues, though I'll admit the line drawn between the two is fuzzy, if not altogether illusionary. But it's my illusion, dag-nabbit.

Here, we go.

Lincoln Hall


Bottom Lounge

  • As Tall As Lions — Tue, Apr 6 — $13, 17+ (all subsequent shows 17+)
  • Titus Andronicus — Wed, Apr 7 — $10
  • The Whigs — Fri, Apr 23
  • The Nightwatchman — Fri, Apr 30 — $16
  • Sage Francis — Wed, May 19 — $15

The Empty Bottle

The Hideout

Reggie's Rock Club

  • Mr. Blotto — Fri, Apr 9 — $12, 18+


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