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Upcoming show at Craighead Green

Press Release from Craighead Green Gallery

October 26, 2010


3-Artist Exhibition at Craighead Green Gallery November 20- December 29, 2010
1011 Dragon Street Dallas, TX 75207 214.855.0779
Opening Reception November 20, 5:00 – 8:00 PM

Contact Kenneth Craighead or Scot Presley for more information and images. 214.855.0779 or

Craighead-Green is proud to present a three-person exhibition of new works by David Brown, Yrjo Edelmann and Marla Ziegler. Please join us for the opening reception Saturday, November 20, 5:00 – 8:00 PM.

Craighead Green is proud to present a new body of work by internationally recognized “illusionist “painter, Yrjo Edelmann. Edelmann, a resident of Stockholm, Sweden, is known for his dramatic oils on canvas. Each painting is of a parcel wrapped in paper, tied with twine or taped. The paintings are so clear and realistic that the viewer often times will reach to touch the tape or twine not knowing it is a part if the actual painting prompting the need for "PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH" to be printed on labels next to his work! In 1993 Edelmann was invited by Absolute vodka to paint an image for their ad campaign. The Absolute painting and continuing success placed him in the company of Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. Edelmann has since been recognized as the great illusionist in Swedish contemporary art. His works are in many major museums throughout Europe and North America and is also collected by the Swedish Royal family and large Swedish multi-national corporations. Art critic, Goran Hellstrom comments that," Few if any achieve his technical dexterity. It makes him unique as an artist in that he combines the classical tradition of the old masters with an enigmatic contemporary image."

Dallas resident, Marla Ziegler’s new body of low fire clay sculptures is titled etc. etc. etc. Past exhibitions have included works with graphite applied to the clay combined with brightly colored glazes. This new body of work is exclusively black and white and is her first since relocating her new studio. Ziegler states that "the work speaks to the many and varied complexities of universal communication - thought processes, reading between the lines, complications of miscommunication…etc. Ziegler has won international recognition with her work. The flexibility of the clay and it's richness in historical tradition allow Ziegler a comfort level that continues to grow with each new presentation. Stated by Ziegler "Within each environment a new dialogue begins as the work intuitively responds to its surroundings much like an improvised theatrical production." Zieger has taught at Brookhaven Community College for over 20 years. She received her M.A. from Southern Methodist University and her B.A. from McMurry University.

Craighead Green Gallery is also presenting a new body of work by New York artist, David Brown. This will be Browns first exhibition outside of the New York area. Enamel or silver ink gel on panels is used to create large images composed of minute shapes, all consistent, and only recognizable upon close inspection. Thousands of these tiny shapes form something identifiable, such as a map of the United States. Other compositions are abstract and as Brown states, "I strive for an image that allows the viewer to experience the process. I believe that when something is created, whether it is a piece of furniture, a toy, or even a piece of art, the object is never truly complete until the viewer has participated in the process." Brown attended the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He received his BA in Fine and Performing Arts in the spring of 2000.


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