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Upcoming release: 'Stone Cold' by C.J. Box

'Stone Cold' is the next Joe Pickett novel by C.J.Box due out in March.

C.J. Box is The New York Times bestselling author of mystery and thriller books. Even though he has written several stand alone novels he is mostly known for the Joe Pickett series of books. The next one in this series “Stone Cold” is due out on March 11, 2014.

Even though he is technically a game warden Joe Pickett often helps out the governor whenever he is needed. In “Stone Cold” the governor of Wyoming asks Joe to investigate a ranch in the remote area of Black Hills. The owner of the ranch is a mystery to most people but rumor has it that his immense wealth comes from killing people. Part of that mystique is hearsay about the women that live with him, the private airstrip and the sudden disappearances. Once he starts investigating he finds out more than he bargained for with the two men that also live there. The first is a stone cold killer that doesn’t seem to like Joe very much but he is much more concerned with the second one.

C.J. Box is a native of Wyoming and an author seventeen novels which have been translated into several languages. He wrote his first Joe Pickett novel “Open Season” in 2001 with the protagonist being a Wyoming game warden. His first stand alone novel “Blue Heaven” won the Edgar Award for Best Mystery Novel for 2008. He has also written short stories and essays.

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