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Upcoming release: 'Elixir' by Ted Galdi

'Elixir' by Ted Galdi is the author's first novel and is due out in August.

Ted Galdi is a graduate of Duke University and co-founder of, a software company that streamlines event-management logistical data for sports teams. He is the recipient of several academic awards and is a member of the International High IQ Society and the One-In-a-Thousand Society.

At the age of 15 he wrote his first screenplay and now at the age of 29 he is a newcomer to the literary world with a new cerebral thriller that's being compared to "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo." His novel ‘Elixir’ is set to be released in August.

"Elixir" is the story of fourteen year old Sean Malone who has an IQ over 200 and is considered a genius. He is offered a full scholarship to college and has won over a million dollars from his winning streak on Jeopardy. When he writes an algorithm that solves the biggest enigma in computer science,the Traveling Salesman Problem, he catches the attention of the National Security Agency. The NSA ends up manipulating him into helping the agency track down a drug lord but that leads to the deaths of innocent people and Sean feels responsible.

Under a new name he flees to Rome and hopes to start a new life. It is there that he meets and falls in love with a woman who turns out to be gravely ill and must now use his smarts to find a cure. Soon he finds himself battling a money hungry pharmaceutical company and his own past in an effort to find a cure before it’s too late.

"Elixir" by Ted Galdi is a thriller with suspense and relatable characters and reveals the innermost workings of the NSA to keep readers engrossed. Readers will undoubtedly find the tie-in to the recent controversy around Edward Snowden interesting since it goes into details about surveillance technology and how it can be used on citizens in the interest of national security.

Source: Monica Foster/Ascot Media Group

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