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Upcoming pet nutrition class is about feeding greener and healthier

Kate Solisti
Kate Solisti

Saturday, June 18, Kate Solisti will answer the question, just what is a greener, healthier diet for your pet. Pets Gone Green University (PGGU).

Fact is some pets will chomp down anything while others can be pernickety. Companion animals no longer have to hunt for food in the wild, the reality is they depend on their human companions. For us the question should be what must cats and dogs eat, knowing we have a huge impact on their health?

Good nutrition is the basis of health. Solisti notes, “Seventy-five percent of dog, cat, and human immune systems are governed by the gut.” What we eat and how well we absorb nutrients has a great impact on our immune systems and our general health. “Without wholesome foods, healthy gut flora and receptive cells, our bodies weaken, become diseased and die prematurely,” warns Solisti.

Teaching dog & cat nutrition and introducing people to interspecies communication fits well with the mission of PGGU,” says Solisti, because a healthy environment equals healthy pets plus educated guardians.” Kate Solisti works as an animal communicator, intuitive counselor, educator, mentor and dog and cat nutritionist. She has been educating companion animal guardians for almost 20 years having made an impact on countless animals’ lives.

Cedar Dog, author and founder of Pets Gone Green University, asked Solisti last March to teach at PGGU. The feisty canine wanted the school to “lead the way” in teaching “green” principles for pets and their people. Solisti insists her dog and cat nutrition course is all about greener and healthier; “I teach based on Nature's design, how dogs and cats are intended and built to eat, and then we create the simplest, minimum waste meal plans possible.” Cedar Dog says, “That is as it should be, “quality in, less quantity (in the yard). According to Solisti, it also means, “Less waste in meals equals more useable nutrients and better absorption by the animals.” Providing as many organic ingredients as possible is the key.

Solisti stresses, “This course really should be part of every guardian's education.” Why would you miss it? Register now with this “Cedar Dog Bring a Friend Special.”

Books & Videos by Kate Solisti

Cedar Dog’s books teach eco-solutions for a pet’s daily life. She asks audiences everywhere, “Do you know your pet’s impact on the earth, do you know your impact on your pet’s health? What are you going to do about it and who will you tell?"


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