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Upcoming PBS Show on Service Dogs

Service Dogs are those raised, trained and placed to help people with various disabilities. Sometimes those disabilities are obvious, sometimes they are not. Nevertheless, understanding how the partnership of an appropriately selected and trained dog and their person is one of unimaginable reward.

Premiering this month on PBS (check with your listings for exact dates/times) , a wonderful series, Through a Dog's Eyes,  shares the journeys taken by people and dogs and how they change each other's lives. The program, based on a book with the same name (coming out in September 2010), comes from the experiences of Jennifer Arnold, founder and executive director of Canine Assistants, based in Georgia.  

Follow the stories, get out your hankies, and settle in for a great experience.


  • Tracy B Ann 4 years ago

    Say, do you know if it really shows a dogs perspective or only what a human might think is a dogs perspective?