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Upcoming must-read spotlight: Three Graves Full by Jamie Mason

Jamie Mason
Jamie Mason
via the author

Jamie Mason, southern gal, writer, and editor of a popular literary website, was always the aspiring author writing about those who already knew the success of getting published.

So after five years of writing, re-writing and fine tuning her suspense manuscript, Mason finally received the phone call she’d always hoped for from her literary agent Amy Moore-Benson. A major publisher—Simon & Schuster—bought the manuscript. and Mason had her a deal. Next year THREE GRAVES FULL by debut author Jamie Mason will be published by Simon & Schuster’s Gallery imprint and available in bookstores and online.

“When it (manuscript) went out on submission to editors, my writerly friends had told me that bad news would come in emails and good news on the telephone, “ Mason. “So I hardly knew what to think when I got an email that asked if I was around for a phone call, but it certainly spiked the old blood pressure. After I hung up, I screamed to shatter the windows - just like I always said I would. Scared my family quite badly. It's their own fault, really. I tried to tell them that Amy had asked to call, but they'd all gone outside to play without me, so it serves them right.”

Mason is managing editor of , a popular landing place for readers to find the latest news on authors, new books, poetry, book trailers. She hung around authors, attended conferences, wrote about the industry, all the while honing her writing in hopes the door would eventually open for her.

Agent Moore-Benson liked what she saw in Mason’s manuscript.

“I think first and foremost what caught my attention is her incredible, unique voice,” said Moore-Benson, head of AMB Literary Management. “It's subtle and clever and is the kind of writing that makes you both smile in appreciation and shake your head in wonderment. I knew from Jamie's query email to me that this was a book I needed to stop everything and read... not my usual MO! Plus, I can pitch anyone the story in just a few lines and people get it... and want to know more. That, in my experience, is the sign of a mature, economical, commercial writer,.” Moore-Benson continued. “And it's the kind of book that, the more you read it, the more layers you uncover - buried gems in dialogue, uncanny observations, tiny plot movements that end up changing everything. And finally, there is no doubt that this is the first novel in a long career. Both exciting and rare.”

So Moore-Benson had a story she totally believed in and the author to go with it. Simon & Schuster liked it and bought it.

“I guess it all boils down to the fact that Jamie's editor, Karen Kosztolnyik of Gallery Books, saw exactly what I did in this novel,” Moore-Benson said. “She is as excited as I am by Jamie's writing and has a perfect vision for it within the imprint. That is the gold standard in selling my clients - putting them into the hands of an editor - and house - who will take every opportunity to spread their excitement about a new writer.”

Stay tuned for Mason's debut, and visit her at:

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