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Upcoming live events: Week of January 27th, 2014

With a few days of research, I have been able to retrieve details on some great live events in the area. Area including Baltimore, D.C., and northern Virginia. There are many shows coming up this week, few are even completely sold out! I will try my best to give exposure to the less than sold out shows! The full list of events can be found at the bottom of this article.

AFI at Baltimore Soundstage (January 28th, 2014)
AFI at Baltimore Soundstage (January 28th, 2014)
Alternative Press
Diamond Youth Record Release Flyer
Diamond Youth Facebook

Monday, January 27th: MALPORTADO KIDS - Doors at 7PM - Charm City Art Space

I don't know much from Malportado Kids other than that they will playing a show at the Charm City Art Space and I have always been a fan of the venue and all they do. Monday night is always pretty rough with shows and there isn't too much going on. I think I've made it clear many times to check out Noise In The Basement at The Ottobar. However, this Monday switch it up and head on over to the Art Space. I know space is very limited in that venue. So if you want to make sure you make it in, get there early!

Openers for the night: Olivia Nuetron John, Dudes, and Quitter


Tuesday, January 28th: AFI - Doors at 6:30PM/Show at 7:30PM - Baltimore Soundstage - SOLD OUT

Sometimes, I can't believe AFI is still touring and doing the damn thing but they're doing it! I've only been able to catch the band once and that was at a Warped Tour in probably 2007 and I'm not even sure which city I was in. I was only able to catch a few songs because I didn't even realize they were playing a set that day. The few songs I caught were excellent. But maybe one day I'll actually be able to catch a live set in its entirety, that's not 3 in the afternoon and possibly passing out of heat exhaustion. However, January 28th will not be that day. The show has sold out for the evening.

The band is currently touring with their most recent effort, Burials. If you've got tickets in advance, hope you have a great time at the show.

On The Spotify mix: Youth Code "Let The Sky Burn", AFI "Miss Murder" and "17 Crimes"

Openers for the night: Youth Code and Coming


Wednesday, January 29th: CULTS - Doors at 8PM/Show at 9PM - The Ottobar

I won't lie, I'm a big fan of "Go Outside" and I don't know much more from Cults, just a few songs here and there. This show is probably going to be ridiculous and I have no idea why it isn't already sold out. If you're free for the night, I highly suggest making an appearance. You never know, you might catch me there dancing like a fool. I'm not 100% on if I'll be able to make the show or not. However, I'm sure there will be many people dancing in my absence. Also, you must know this is the first day of their upcoming tour Static Tour, so it'll probably be fantastic. Get on it!

On The Spotify mix: Dead Mellotron "", Cults "Go Outside" and "I Can Hardly Make You Mine"

Openers for the night: Wildhoney and Dead Mellotron


Thursday, January 30th: 12TH PLANET - Doors at 9PM - 9:30 Club (DC)

12th Planet has been in the game since 2006, he's been dropping material since 2008 and I'm sure puts on a great live show. He'll be headlining at the infamous 9:30 Club on Thursday and tickets aren't sold out yet. I'm sure it's just a matter of time though. I have a feeling a ton of kids will be walking up and purchasing tickets at the door. So don't get left in the cold, make it down if you're a fan of 12th Planet!

On The Spotify mix: 12th Planet "Right On Time" and "Burst"

Openers for the night: Protohype, Flinch, Two Fresh, and Steady


Friday, January 31st: DIAMOND YOUTH - Doors at 6:30PM/Show at 7:30PM - The Ottobar

The last time I featured the upcoming live events for the week Diamond Youth was opening the Jimmy Eat World show at Rams Head Live! Now, if you're a fan of the band, Diamond Youth is headlining a record release show at The Ottobar. My suggestion if you plan on coming out to the show is to purchase a ticket in advance. The best thing about this early purchase is that you will receive a copy of their new album, Shake, when you get to the doors Friday night!

On The Spotify mix: Angel Du$t "Extra Raw", Have Mercy, "Let's Talk About Your Hair", Daylight "Sponge", Diamond Youth "Cannonball" and "Fix of Mine"

Openers for the night: Daylight, Have Mercy, and Angel Du$t


Saturday, February 1st: A GREAT BIG WORLD - Doors at 7PM/Show at 8PM - Baltimore Soundstage

A few years ago, I heard an artist by the name Ian Axel sing a beautiful song titled, "Already Home". For the life of me, I cannot remember where I first heard the song. I want to believe it was on an MTV show such as The Hills or The City, but I'm probably not right about that. Anyway, fast forward to 2013, A Great Big World releases "Say Something" with Christina Aguilera featured on the track as well. The duo has found much success since the release of the single and will put on a great show at Soundstage. Unfortunately, I don't think Christina will be hanging out but Soundstage is an average sized room which will make you glad to say you were there for their first Baltimore show!

On The Spotify mix: Secret Someones "I Won't Follow", A Great Big World "Already Home" and "Say Something (featuring Christina Aguilera)"

Openers for the night: Secret Someones


Sunday, February 2nd: MARIA TAYLOR (of AZURE RAY) - Doors at 7PM/Show at 8PM - Rock & Roll Hotel (DC)

The Maria Taylor show is a bit further of a trek than Baltimore, but this will be a great show. PJ Bond will be opening for the night and if you are unfamiliar with his work, you are surely missing out. Last year, my friend suggested I check out PJ and I've been hooked since! I'm a little late to the game, I've missed countless Baltimore shows of PJ's. However, I finally got to catch his set at this year's past Fest in Gainesville, FL and it was amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing him at a more intimate venue.

As for Maria Taylor, I'm very excited about seeing her solo stuff. I've been a longtime fan of Azure Ray and it will be great to finally catch a show of hers. Like I said previously, Rock & Roll Hotel is a bit further than Baltimore. However, this is the closest the tour is coming and I'm willing to bet it will be phenomenal.

On The Spotify mix: PJ Bond "I'm In A Bad Way", "Stop Being Bad", Azure Ray "Sleep", Maria Taylor "Clean Getaway" and "Tunnel Vision"

Openers for the night: PJ Bond


If this article has told you anything is that there are a ton of shows to check out in the surrounding areas and that's not even the beginning of it. As usual, I have included a list of other shows in the area to check out at the bottom of this article. If you want me to know about a show, please e-mail me directly at


Remember when parking anywhere, lock up your vehicle and hide all your valuables. If you don't do this, you might be hurting yourself in the end. I feel like this should be common sense, but just in case you don't have that, here's your advice.

More advice, this is my opinion of where you should be. All information listed for the above shows was taken directly from the venues respective websites. Prices, times, and more can all change - so please check out the websites before heading down to the show!

The music scene is alive and well in Baltimore and you should support it!

To better prepare you for the week, I made one crazy Spotify playlist to prepare you for all the music coming this way! If you have Spotify, you can listen to the playlist here: Week of January 27th, 2014.



1/27/2014 Brandon Boyd and Sons of the Sea - 9:30 Club (Washington, DC)
1/27/2014 Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires - DC9 (Washington, DC)
1/27/2014 Noise In The Basement/Metal Monday - The Ottobar (Baltimore, MD)

1/28/2014 Jason Isbell - 9:30 Club (Washington, DC) - SOLD OUT
1/28/2014 Panic! At The Disco - The Fillmore (Silver Spring, MD) - SOLD OUT

1/29/2014 Esperanza Spalding - Lincoln Theatre (Washington, DC) - SOLD OUT
1/29/2014 Falling In Reverse/Escape The Fate - The Fillmore (Silver Spring, MD)
1/29/2014 Karmin - Baltimore Soundstage (Baltmore, MD)
1/29/2014 Sound of Rescue - The Sidebar (Baltimore, MD)
1/29/2014 Teddy Geiger - Jammin' Java (Vienna, VA)

1/30/2014 Aviator - Hostage House (Hyattsville, MD)
1/30/2014 Drymill Road - Hill Country BBQ (Washington, DC)
1/30/2014 Laelo - The Fillmore (Silver Spring, MD)
1/30/2014 Radical Discharge - The Gold Bar (Baltimore, MD)
1/30/2014 The Deaf Scene - The Ottobar (Baltimore, MD)
1/30/2014 Twin Radio - Metro Gallery (Baltimore, MD)
1/30/2014 We Are Us - The Sidebar (Baltimore, MD)

1/31/2014 Amon Amarth - The Fillmore (Silver Spring, MD)
1/31/2014 Big Mouth - The Gold Bar (Baltimore, MD)
1/31/2014 EOTO - Rams Head Live! (Baltimore, MD)
1/31/2014 Karl Denson's Tiny Universe - 9:30 Club (Washington, DC)
1/31/2014 Koffin Kats - The Sidebar (Baltimore, MD)
1/31/2014 Litz & Clarence - Baltimore Soundstage (Baltimore, MD)
1/31/2014 Superland - 8x10 (Baltimore, MD)
1/31/2014 The Coal Men - Hill Country BBQ (Washington, DC)

2/1/2014 Fundamentals - Rams Head Live! (Baltimore, MD)
2/1/2014 Greensky Bluegrass - 9:30 Club (Washington, DC)
2/1/2014 Hearts & Spades Record Release Show - DC9 (Washington, DC)
2/1/2014 Jason Aldean - Baltimore Arena (Baltimore, MD) - SOLD OUT
2/1/2014 McLovins - The 8x10 (Baltimore, MD)
2/1/2014 Mt. Royal - The Ottobar (Baltimore, MD)
2/1/2014 Nu Fusion - The Sidebar (Baltimore, MD)
2/1/2014 Simplified - Hill Country BBQ (Washington, DC)
2/1/2014 The Lives to Come - Charm City Art Space (Baltimore, MD)
2/1/2014 Walk Off The Earth - The Fillmore (Silver Spring, MD)

2/2/2014 Dark Tranquility - Baltimore Soundstage (Baltimore, MD)
2/2/2014 The Degenerettes - The Gold Bar (Baltimore, MD)

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