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Upcoming first-time Patrick Rothfuss event!

Patrick Rothfuss, bearded word-behemoth and progenitor of the Kingkiller Chronicles trilogy, is creating a better world in real time, too, through his non-profit organization Worldbuilders. The organization partners with another charity, the well-known Heifer International, to harness the financial capacity of the Rothfussian fandom for HI's mission, "to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and care for the Earth."

Worldbuilders keeps up a year-round shop appropriately called "The Tinker's Pack" that offers Kingkiller-related jewelry, clothing, and other Rothfussian literature and trinkets. Money from the sales is passed on to Heifer International, which in turn converts the money into goats, cows, chicks, and the like in order to provide sustainable solutions to hunger around the world.

Around Christmas, Worldbuilders also runs a weeks-long fundraising event featuring special goodies and giveaways as a concerted push for Heifer International. Now, for the first time, Worldbuilders is experimenting with a mini-fundraiser, to last for only a week beginning the 7th of this July. Additionally, the fundraiser will be run IndiGoGo Campaign style. Instead of items changing hands through lotteries and auction bids, items will be straight-up available for purchase. See something cool? (And there will be some righteous grabs - Rothfuss himself has confessed, "We’ve got cool stuff. Scads of it.") Then just go ahead and buy it! Simple as pie. Or... pig, because buy enough stuff, and that's exactly what you'll be donating to a hungry family.

Want more details? Keep your eye on Rothfuss's blog, and check back (or subscribe!) here for updates.

Literature is so much more than something that just happens on the page. Let's show the world what kind of story we can write, readers. Pocketbook signing utensils at the ready, people.

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