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upcoming events in the chicago area this weekend and charity plus poetry stuff

*This event occurs on Friday.

"Loose Chicks" will be at Emerald City Coffee & Cafe, 3938 N Sheridan Ave, in March! Roberta Miles and Jillian Erickson, the “Loose Chicks” will be starring in and presenting an hour long performance based on their experiences through life. Guest Chicks Melinda McIntire & JH Palmer will be featured this month. This juicy, gutsy, ballsy, cutting edge look at life through the eyes of femme fatales will be presented at Emerald City Coffee & Cafe. The performance is Friday, March 28 @ 8pm. There is a suggested donation.

Roberta Miles, best known to Chicago audiences as a jazz singer and painter, has rapidly gained a reputation for her irreverent autobiographical monologues that make up a tell-all expose of her quirky, edgy life. These monologues are the basis for her one-woman show, which debuted summer, 2009 at the StrawDog Theatre. Roberta has appeared with Jason Paul Smith at the Skokie Theatre Foundation in Skokie, Illinois in a two person show called “Hot Dish: The Monologues.” She is also the co-producer of “Café Cabaret” which runs monthly at “Café Ballou” in Chicago. Roberta is an award winning monologuist and a published poet, soon to be a published author.

Jillian Erickson is a performance artist, monologist, poet, writer, pain in the ass…She moved to Chicago to do exactly what she is doing and couldn’t be giddier. She is the successful co-producer, co-director, and performer for the all female cabaret BEAST WOMEN.

Thanks to Emerald City Coffee & Cafe for hosting this night. Right off the Sheridan red line, stop in for anything on our menu and tasty things “off the menu.” In addition, our lovely face lift continues in house, new paint on the ceiling, new lighting fixtures, new chairs, new menus so it only makes sense for our logo and online presence to also receive a new look

** This Saturday event sounds rather intriguing although I think the flier writer does not know the difference between prose and poetry.

PROJECTOR POETRY: A Night of Photography and Prose
March 29
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 29th, 5-10pm
Open Hours: This event takes place one night only.

1950 W 21st Street
Chicago, IL 60608

COBALT STUDIO hosts an opening reception on Saturday, March 29, 2014 from 5-10pm at 1950 W 21st Street, Chicago, IL. COBALT STUDIO is proud to present PROJECTOR POETRY: a Night of Photography and Prose, the next exhibition of 2014.

PROJECTOR POETRY: a Night of Photography and Prose
by Co-Curators Jackie Orozco & Mieke Zuiderweg

As the title suggests this is a one night event combining photography and poetry. The work will be on either be projected digitally or on 35mm slides using an old school projector. Poems will be read by a variety of participants.
The selection of photographs will be re-visited work, new work, or part of a personal collection and in-process portfolio of each photographer. This event will be a contemporary take on an old fashioned slideshow night with talented photographers and poets. The images, poetry and libations will keep us warm helping us to forget these cold winter nights!

For more information on the Participating Photographers:
Paul Clark
Juan Fernandez
Emily Franklin
Jackie Orozco
Tommy Reyes
Monika Wulfer
Mieke Zuiderweg

Katie Gallo

Cobalt Studio is an artist run alternative exhibition/project space in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. The name refers to blue-collar/working class status. The space is Antonio Martinez' art studio. He exhibits work by emerging artists and experimental art collectives, as well as invites guest curators that share a common vision. Cobalt's mission is to present contemporary practices that are relevant and engaging to the community.
More information about Cobalt Art Studio can be found at

** This event takes place at nice little non intimidating little venue on the south side.

Poets Ralph Hamilton and Virginia Bell, both of whom are on the editorial board of RHINO, will be featured at Brewed Awakening, 19 West Quincy (across from the train station), Westmont, IL on Sunday, March 30, 2014, 12:30-2:00 PM. There will also be an open mic. Cover charge of $7.00 includes coffee and a snack. The readings are sponsored by the Illinois State Poetry Society and Brewed Awakening.

***My friend and collegue, Caroline Johnson is doing this event.

This April 2014 I will be conducting a fundraising drive for a local food bank, Family Outreach Program, which provides hundreds of pounds of food to those in need in the Chicago area. To support this aim, I will be writing every day for the month of April. You can sponsor me for any of the following amounts:

**For $10, you can sponsor me generally.
**For $20, you can give me a word and I will write a poem with that word in it.
**For $30, you can give me a theme and I will write a poem about that theme.
**For $50, you can give me a word and a theme, and I will write a poem with both. I will also give you a signed chapbook of one of my two books!
**For $75, you can give me a word or theme and I will write a short story. You will also receive a chapbook.

My pledge to you is that I will write every day. I will write either a poem, essay or short story each day. I will send to you some of the items. The writing is a rough draft only, and if you want a final draft of any of it, you can let me know. My only disclaimer is that all of the rights to the writing revert back to me after the fundraiser, so that I could possibly publish some of it.

So, do you want to pledge? Go to my blog at to sign up via Paypal or e-mail me at twinkscat(at) and I will send you my address so you can send me a check. To find out more information about Family Outreach Program, visit their website at :

Let's help those in need and support the Arts at the same time!!



Esteban Colon fromWaiting for the Bus seems to be sponsoring a similar event. You can find the facebook link at

Sponsor the poem a thon!

What I'm doing:
I'm writing a poem a day in April and sending them out daily to everyone who's donated. Some people get more (see below)

$1 - $29 and you will be added to the poem a day mailing list. Fresh poetry, piping hot out the oven and delivered to your e-mail.

$30 and you can give me a word to incorporate into a poem.

$50 and you can give me a theme for a whole poem, or a list of words.

$100 and you get a broadside (mini-poster) of my favorite poem of the month, signed, AND you can give me a word AND a theme.

Every donation helps. You can donate through paypal, send a check, find me in person, just pm me and we'll figure that out.

All sponsored funds will ge donated to help the Bullycide project. The Bullycide Project helps to educate teens about the impact of bullying. Based in Flint, Michigan, this group travels all over spreading their message. The funds raised will help them with travel and buy the materials they give to the schools they visit.

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