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Upcoming events in Little Rock

For the week of 22 February here is a small list for all of you that are looking for live music this weekend.  You can click on the location names to view their websites and full schedules.

Sticky Fingerz
2/23 – Tony Furtado, the show is at 8:30 pm
2/24 – Lucious Spiller Band, the show is at 9:30 pm
2/25 – Arkansas Times Musician's Showcase, the show is at 9:00 pm
2/26 – FreeVerse with opening act Interstate Buffalo, the show is at 9:00 pm
2/27 – Fundamental Elements, the show is at 9:00 pm
2/28 – The Rocketboys/PLU with opening act Randall Shreve, the show is at 7:30 pm

2/23 – singer/songwriter night
2/24 – Elsinore with We Landed on the Moon & Winston Family Orchestra, show at 9:00 pm
2/25 – Henry Rollins, the show is at 8:00 pm
2/27 – The Breakthrough with Language Room, the show is at 9:00 pm
2/28 – afton push play – the show is at 5:00 pm

Whitewater Tavern
2/23 – Jonathan Wilkins and The Reparations, the show is at 10 pm
2/25 – Adam Faucett and Nathan Xander, the show is at 9:00 pm
2/26 – American Aquarium, the show is at 10:00 pm
2/27 – Velvet Kente, the show is at10:00 pm


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