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Upcoming event: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity presents "Kappa Kontroversies" at Wayne State University


Kappa Kontroversies

On Wednesday, October 28, 2009 from 6-8pm, the Alpha Beta chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated at Wayne State University will be hosting Kappa Kontroversies, a campus event aimed at tackling the most important issues facing college students and even younger students today, including racism, sex, hip hop culture, politics, careers, lifestyles, and many others. The following question will be explored and answered in great detail throughout the night: "As we are now living in a society which some would say is increasingly more violent, sexually driven, under-educated and engrossed in hip-hop culture, what responsibility, if any, does the college-going population have in terms of making a positive impact in our communities?"

The featured presenter for this event will be Mr. Jeff Johnson, widely known as "Cousin Jeff," of BET Network and syndicated radio "Tom Joyner Morning Show" fame. A former youth minister at the Empowerment Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church in Baltimore, Maryland, Mr. Johnson not only has a pulse on both politics and hip hop culture, but also communicates himself on these issues in a manner that attracts young people all over the world and demonstrates his concern and passion for their future prosperity. Mr. Johnson's presentation will be followed by an intense panel discussion and open question-and-answer session with various campus leaders of different races, ages and genders.

Although this is not a church-sponsored event with a specific stated spiritual purpose, it is a presentation that youth groups, young adults, youth volunteers, and parents throughout the Metro Detroit area are strongly encouraged to attend. When faced with the task of confronting the issues that mean the most to youth, the church often lags behind in providing them relevant ministry because parishioners and church leaders are either unwilling or unable to create the type of nurturing, transparent, non-judgmental environment necessary for those hard-hitting conversations to take place, thus producing youth ministries that function more as baby-sitting services than agents of empowerment and change for young people. Youth ministries and youth organizations have a great opportunity to progress more toward that ideal by supporting such events as this, where all things that matter to young people will be discussed.

Kappa Kontroversies is free, open to the public, and will be held on the Wayne State campus at the Community Arts Auditorium (495 E. Ferry Ave., Detroit, MI 48201), Wednesday from 6-8pm.

Click here for a media sample of Jeff Johnson.


  • Pastor D. 5 years ago

    An Interesting Event. The article reminds us to think outside of the box.