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Upcoming Digital Tribes game is based on classic T.S. Eliot poem

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Upcoming adventure game finds its roots in poetry.

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On its surface, Fledermaus Games and Digital Tribe’s upcoming retro adventure, “The Waste Land,” is pretty cool. It features solid old-school gameplay in the vein of “Castlevania” and “Metroid,” enough to catch the eye of any 30-something gamer.

But a closer look reveals a ton more depth than any pixilated journey; the game actually gets a lot more of its look, feel and intentions from the 1922 T.S. Eliot poem of the same name.

Whoever said video games weren’t smart hasn’t been more wrong, ever.

“Well it's got two sides. There's the intellectual side, the poem's central themes of cyclic loss and rise and fall of culture, civilization,” “The Waste Land” developer Michele Caletti said in an e-mail interview with Examiner today. “That influenced the overall plot and basic game idea. But then there's the emotional side: the initial part of the poem is a description of a barren land, where solitude and despair are almost tangible. Then more complex feelings develop, when human characters appear, but the underlying theme remains.”

“The Waste Land” is set for a September release on Steam via Digital Tribe Games.

For more information on the game, head to “The Waste Land” official website here.