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Upcoming Constitutional carry march set for downtown Little Rock

Arkansas' Act 746 has made legal the open or concealed carry of a firearm without a license
Arkansas' Act 746 has made legal the open or concealed carry of a firearm without a license
Arkansas Carry

The gun rights advocacy group Arkansas Carry will be hosting a Constitutional carry celebration walk in Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday, February 1. The walk will be in the Rivermarket District of the downtown area, and will begin at 10 AM.

The purpose of the walk is in recognition and celebration of Act 746, a piece of legislation that became law last year, which many believe has decriminalized and restored our Constitutionally protected right to the open or concealed carry of a handgun without a license. Act 746 changed the wording of the specific statute that deals with carrying a weapon, making it a crime to carry a gun only if it’s intended use is for “unlawful purposes”. Since the use of deadly force in self-defense is legal and lawful in the state of Arkansas, carrying a firearm for that reason would be considered a lawful purpose.

This walk in Little Rock comes right on the heels of a successful walk in North Little Rock just a couple of weeks ago. It will be just the latest in a series of walks that have taken place in various towns and cities around the state over the past several months. It is hoped that this walk will prove even more successful than the others preceding it in furthering the general public’s acceptance of the message that the Constitutional carry of firearms is a natural right, and that the general public has absolutely nothing to fear from calm, reasonable, rational, law-abiding citizens openly carrying a firearm for their self-defense.

Anyone who wishes to support this endeavor is encouraged to join in the celebratory walk on Saturday. Supporters are not required to wear a gun if they choose not to. The hosts of the walk only ask that participants not bring any long guns for this walk, and that all handguns must remain safely holstered at all times. While Arkansas Carry recognizes and supports the law-abiding citizens right to bear whatever weapon they individually choose, including long guns, they have chosen to focus on handguns only for the time being, for the sake of public perception and acceptance, law enforcement clearance and possible safety issues.

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