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Upbeat singer-songwriter Trev ready to rebound with new single 'Sex and Candy'

Keahu Kahuanui/Courtesy of Platform PR
Singer-songwriter Trev recently released his latest single 'Sex and Candy.'

"The most important thing about my message is always to unapologetically be yourself," singer-songwriter Trev told us when we connected with him last week. "Be your own shape and be your own color. Don't try and fit in to anything that isn't your mold. That's my message. I write about things very bluntly as if it's my journal. Every song I write, I capture a moment."

The Arizona-born artist is celebrating the release of his single "Sex and Candy" - a cover of the 1997 Marcy Playground hit - while continuing to work on his original material. Having had a passion for music since his childhood, he's persevered through professional struggles and personal growing pains. He released an album, Limelight, in 2012 and at one point, he had the number four most requested single on Arizona radio with "I Just Want You" - an impressive accomplishment for an unsigned artist. Now, he's at a point in his life and career where it's full speed ahead.

"Half of the problem with radio is they don't know if it's going to be a hit song. But this was already one of the hit songs of the 90's," he explained of his decision to lead with a cover. "It's kind of paving the way for me to release my two original singles very soon." One will follow in August, with another in September.

But it hasn't always been so prosperous for this creative, outgoing young man. He wasn't even necessarily sure he'd end up in professional music. "I've kind of struggled with that my whole life," he reflected. "I've been told from different [people] this is what you need to do and this is what you need to be.

"I tried to fit that mold," he continued. "I even was going to [study] music business in college for a little bit. I was nearly engaged about six years ago. I was going to be married, [have a] white picket fence, have my job, my business degree. I had to break out."

While he doesn't regret the detour at all - "It grew me into the person that I am," he told us - even when his course was less than clear, Trev never let other people's concerns dampen the passion for music that continues to drive him today. "I just always knew this was what I'm going to do," he said. "I was like 'This is what I'm doing.' There was never a second thought."

And now, having put in the hard work required of a developing artist and matured into someone as admirable as he is talented, he's ready to bring his sound to a wider audience and hopefully inspire others the way that he was inspired by music so long ago. There's no one else he'd rather be.

Trev's single "Sex and Candy" is now available on iTunes. For more on him, you can visit his official website ( and follow him on Twitter (@Trev_Music).

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