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Up to air first original movie, Apple Mortgage Cake on Easter Sunday

Elise makes and appearance with cake baker Angela Logan.
Elise makes and appearance with cake baker Angela Logan.

In 2009 if you would have told Angela Logan that you could envision her in a movie -- about her life -- it would not have been hard for her to fathom.

Back then, the country was in a recession and like many Americans, Logan lost her job. The single mom was struggling to take care of her three sons, who were ages 15, 17 and 19 at the time. Then, a series of unforeseeable circumstances threatened to land them on the streets. Desperately, Logan conjured up a sweet, money making solution that tugged hard at people's heart strings. Soon the out-of-work actress was on a path that appeared to be scripted for television.

Five years later, what her surreal experience, has become a movie in reality. UP TV has produced its first original movie, "Apple Mortgage Cake" based on Logan's inspiring real life story, airing on Easter Sunday.

"Apple Mortgage Cake," tells the story of how Logan baked her way out of a financial crisis.
When she was about to lose her Teaneck, New Jersey home she drew from her cooking talent to save her family from homelessness using a cherished family recipe. The home was paid in full, but financial problems arose and a second mortgage was taken to cover her mother's medical and subsequent funeral expenses. After an honest confession about her dire circumstances to friends, family and church members, the life-changing bake sale was on!

(Que the movie score here.)

Selling cakes made with organic ingredients at $40 each in a poor economy, within a few days Logan raised enough money to pull the home that had been in her family for generations out of foreclosure with " four pans, one mixer and one bowl." Garnering national media attention, word about her goal spread fast and compassionate people placed orders for Apple Cake from all over the country, despite the hefty price tag.

The self-reliant baker now runs Mortgage Apple Cakes, LLC full time.

An actress of 30 years, Logan spoke to me from the commercial kitchen in Hawthorne, NJ where they were processing orders in the late afternoon hours on Good Friday. She recalled working steadily as an actress prior to facing financial challenges:

"I was doing pretty well and all of a sudden the agency closed. They did not pay me. They took the money and ran."

This Sunday, Logan will again exercise her acting chops in a small role opposite the star of the movie, acclaimed actress Kimberly Elise (Diary of A Mad Black Woman, For Colored Girls).

When asked about possibly portraying herself in the movie she answered that she preferred working alongside Elise, one of her favorites. "It's like a dream come true."

Today life for Logan is in complete contrast to peril she overcame. Earlier this year her company catered the Superbowl VIP Tailgate Party.
Said Logan about acquiring the made-for-television-movie , "I'm grateful for so many blessings. I try to be ready and responsible for them. You must be ready because when the blessing comes it's time to work!," adding she is "thrilled" the movie is being released on Easter.

"Apple Mortgage Cake" airs on Easter Sunday, April 20 only on Up TV at 7 P.M./EST.

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