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Up to 40 dogs could be euthanized by Tuesday at Clayton County Animal Control

Shelter ID:  140625
Shelter ID: 140625
Partners for Pets

Though Atlanta-area rescues work diligently every single day to rescue as many shelter animals from euthanasia as possible, sometimes, it's just not enough.

Shelter dog in danger of being euthanized
Partners of Clayton County Animal Control

An interview with Maria Dorough of Partners for Pets by CBS Atlanta revealed Monday afternoon that approximately 40 dogs could be euthanized on Tuesday evening at Clayton County Animal Control. The facility is filled to brim and spilling over, with 122 dogs on the ledger as of Monday.

Dorough and her organization began working closely to help Clayton County Animal Control in 2011, when the euthanasia rate was 83%. Thanks to their efforts to network the dogs and find rescue for them, that percentage has dropped to 23%... but the problem is still very much evident.

"I think it's one of the worst as far as stray animals, abandoned animals, abused animals and people just indiscriminately breeding their dogs," states Amy Adams, a co-founder of Partners for Pets. Until owners fully assume the responsibility of owning a dog, this is not soon to end.

When a shelter becomes full, the euthanization of animals begins. Most of these animals are fully adoptable, but never get the chance to find a forever home, because time has run out.

Although this can be discouraging, there are ways for you to help. Local rescues are trying to save lives, and succeeding, but there is always something that can be done.

View dogs needing rescue currently at the shelter by clicking here. And to end on an uplifting note, as this was being written, dogs were being moved to the "Safe" album!

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