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Up in the Air: A breath of fresh air for the movie world





Most movies made today are simply for entertaining the masses, getting them out of the house and their dull routines, and entering them into a world where all their problems disappear and they don't have to think about them for an hour and a half. Up in the Air, the new movie by director Jason Reitman, is considered by many critics as one of those rare gems that makes the audience contemplate and face their problems while observing a character (in this case Ryan Bingham, aka George Clooney) who deals with similar problems.

Up in the Air can be described in one word: relevant. In the last year, America and the world has undergone an enormous transformation due to economic collapses in numerous sectors. Because of this, the American people have suffered personal financial losses, layoffs, and have lost some personal comforts. Up in the Air is the story of Ryan Bingham, a man who fires people across the country for a living. Because he travels for a majority of the year, he has no personal connections such as family or friends to come home to, and he prefers it that way, until his job becomes obsolete and he is forced to work from a desk, that is.

A breathtaking, refreshing, witty, and sad movie, Up in the Air leaves the audience reflecting on how they view the importance of all types of relationships in good and bad times and, more importantly, how to cope with the current meltdown our country is experiencing. It is very difficult to make a movie that is relevant in a current crisis, but Jason Reitman has done just that. This movie will take you on many ups and many downs, but, more importantly, it will make you think.


  • Aaron "Black Lavender" Kepler 5 years ago

    I thought leap year was better....