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Up scale burger joints: The wave of the future

Ever thought about burger aesthetics?
Ever thought about burger aesthetics?

Who says a burger is fast food? Pretty much anyone you talk to, but don't expect it to stay that way. The wave of the future is not not always so exquisite as time traveling cars, technologically sophisticated helper monkeys, and the return of jazz music. Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of the future in more elementary yet satisfying measures.

Take a close look at your local burger holes. Lots of McDonald's, Sonics, Wendy's, maybe some Hardee's or Backyard Burgers. These all provide one level of service, quality, and cost, to speak generally. Let's say you want to take it one level better, though. Where do you go? You have to bring in a higher echelon of sit down dining. We're talking Chili's or Friday's, something along those lines. Yet typically those restaurants would still fall short of a 'high class' dining experience.

Now we've identified a niche market, the middle to upper class of burgers if you will, which has for years remained unexplored and uninhabited. Five Guys first began breaking through this barrier a decade ago. Their brand looks very close to fast food, but takes a little more care, effort, and concern with their burgers, and the result is a pricier and tastier product.

There's a limit to how much taste improvement one can realistically offer and then charge for at a restaurant. There's no limit to ambiance. I predict we see the upscale burger, and I'm talking about one people eat with a knife and fork, emerging in all sorts of shapes and venues.

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