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UP for ED calls on parents to build up schools

Members of UP for ED continue thier long work guaranteeing their children get a good education.
Members of UP for ED continue thier long work guaranteeing their children get a good education.
Adam Benjamin

Count on parents to guarantee school district decisions put children first. That is the San Diego Unified School District school building plan at San Diego United Parents for Education, also known as UP for ED.

A local parent's hands too full trying to convince the district to take the right steps in negotiations with the teachers union that protects their children's educaation from cost-saving downgrades? Parent work on educaton progress at the neighborhood school is easier with an action plan parents united together make, and the help from the parents orgaization.

United parents efforts do not get forgotten. In April, a parents team took 4 values t a a school board meeting they told the Superintendent district parents will stand by during the union negotiaitons on a new contract. Getting the right count of teachers in their classrooms, to them, means giving principals the flexible decision making room to hire based on student needs.

The "real change happens at the ground level," UP for ED says. Backing up 10 to 20, or more parents in teams the organnization built up at district shool sites. Teams led by 5 to 10 leaders that put together a parent action plan.

"UP for ED is working to shift the role of parents in educatio by assisting everyday people to be effective parent leaders who join together in a unified grassroots voice."

Steps the parents convince the neighborhood schools to make to improve their children's education quality do not lessen the organization's ongoing work. Work stays in store for the concerned parents who joined UP for ED. The parent members do not miss an opportunity to make "long lasting improvements" to educaiton.

Members take advantage of parents' civic standing on finalizing the new California Local COntrol and Accountability Plan that the District can not fall short on making a reality when schools take action to make positive gains on student outcomes using the district's own San Diego Vision 2020 plan.

When local parents have a stake making an education decision, or, settling a school issue, UP for ED gets the word out.The members never will forget education progress takes cooperation with California dcisionmakers. UP for ED let its members know in June its long term teachers took a loss the day a Los Angees County Superior Court Judge ruled tenure laws on the books are unconstitutional in California. Work on guaranteeing low income students get quality teachers who stay continues.

There are SAn Diego education goals that stay far off. Parents have more commitment to care for neighborhood education to prove during the 2014-15 school days to come.

San Diego United Parents for Education is "Powered by Parents, Empowered for Children."

The line continues next week. . . .

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