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Up close with Jessie Stensland in Kona

Chrissie Wellington celebrates her third straight Ironman World Championship.

Photo: Jesse Hammond/

The past week brought another exciting year of the coveted Ironman competiion in Kona. The worlds' finest atheltes hit the water, pavement, and dirt to see who would reign champion this year.

Thanks to the insider scoop provided by endurance rockstar athelete, Jessie Stensland we are able to see first hand what really goes on in Kona. She gets all the information on this years gear, nutritional fixations, and overall disposition of the finest atheltes.

Jessie Stensland teamed up with to construct a daily blog leading up the October 10th event.

Check out the blog to relive all the excitement. Jessie was able to get an intimate morning of video with some of the atheltes:



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