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Unwrap the love this season - extraordinary self-love.

We are a constant creator to what we experience. Two emotions, love and fear, fill the empty spaces on our life’s canvas and create our life stories. Each emotion has its own frequency and vibration to receive an ultimate reception. We have choices through the words we keep and the beliefs we embody. Managing our emotions is our greatest gift to living we can achieve. With a simple tweak, we can all get there.

Knowing is not what you think, it is how you feel. Express, love.
The Buddha

Unconditional love provides an inner sensation of belonging to something greater than us, as we share more freely and express ourselves without boundaries. Love cultivates pure joy and connects us to Source. Love happens in the present moment and flows forward. When we are not feeling joy then we have allowed fear to step into the way and distort the pure heart’s frequency. Fear creates, static.

Fear is a creation that is picked up by the signals we send when we are in doubt, feel insecure or are holding back our personal power. Fear becomes a catalyst for indecision and stagnant living. The saying: “paralyzed by fear,” is the inability to create positive moment toward a forward direction. This fear then becomes an energy blanket that is heavy and can feel murky almost like stepping in quicksand - we feel stuck and become scared.

So, how do we deal with these somewhat polar opposite energy frequencies?

We have to be awakened in our true-selves the belief systems that have been covered with programming to make us feel we aren’t all powerful, equal or loveable Be-ings. We have to scrape down to the core cellular level to find that we all have a piece of the Divine inside us. We are built with the same spiritual temple structure; a heart that sits like a living library, teaching us with blind faith that unconditional love is all we need to be in concert with our lives.

The challenge with this recognition is that most of us do not take the time to connect, be quiet or to imagine that this is so. We can be too busy running around trying to “make it in the world”; being stressed and working ourselves into sickness. Yet, when we stop for just a moment, we will come to see that we are making this world, the exterior environment, from all the fixed ideas we have about our interior. This is why we must start changing our minds about ourselves, community and planet.

As we become closer to our own reasons for life and purpose, through experiences and challenges, we encounter the voices of reason in our minds that narrate to us why we are who we are. These voices interpret our experience into what we physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually manifest in our lives. Examining our language that we use toward describing ourselves is a critical step in changing what we experience. We start this review by determining who the voice is: a parent, a mentor, a past girl/boyfriend, a sibling or a historical/religious leader. This exercise opens us to the emotions and attitudes of others and how they direct our actions and influence our choices. We have beliefs that create our present moment from past situations, circumstances, and conditions – some of which we could not avoid - and these happenings become our truths, our stories.

Remember we are all walking around editing and re-writing our personal stories. The key is not to go back and take on the old character; the key is having the character (us) reborn into a more evolved self from the lessons we have learned. Moving forward, even if it feels shaky, is the best course of action.” Soulshine Soul-u-tions

When we talk to ourselves we are energetically charging our words into forms that become magnets for like-kind experience. If we are complaining and using negative language, our body feels heavy and there is a persistent anxiousness that exists. When we become more mindful of our words, by using positive language, especially toward ourselves, we transform our reality. It is as simple as the descrambling of words from fear to love; we just choose not to believe it. Beliefs are the fundamental components constructing the basis of who we are, what we feel we should do and how we offer our power to others.

What do we believe about ourselves?

Our self-esteem is like the steam engine that gets up the hill by saying: I think can, I think I can. I remember this being a childhood favorite bedtime story. Going to bed with ideas of grandeur and accomplishment, feeling there is absolutely much more than what today has brought. Understanding how the shape of our thoughts design the patterns to our lives, uncovers a vast amount of information about belief structures we consider as personal and global truths. Self-esteem provides power to walk into a room full of strangers, start a new career after 20 years or allow a partnership to dissolve as the relationship shows no sign of growth.

A poor self-esteem is like an imprisonment for the spirit. Spirit does not define us by our ideas of the self; spirit is the everlasting unopposed, self. We came to remember our perfection and live our lives with vigor to explore and be challenged. The spirit does not know the word, can’t. Low self-esteem becomes a weighted mass that anchors us in fear instead of love. A brilliant start is to re-write our personal dictionary, the vocabulary we use on a daily basis.

“The freedom in language is unlimited. We do control all the conversations we have about ourselves. Rhetoric should be a soul song of peace and acceptance, encouragement and authentic expression. Words are reflected energy that sends out wave particles to attach to vibrations that resonate with a particular thought or series of thoughts. In short, we get what we ask for, silently or audibly announced.” Soulshine Soul-u-tions

When we walk the path without fear, love is present in everything – especially us. Finding a place of comfort within ourselves, by cultivating indestructible self-esteem, we can push through the pain caused by just living. Pain is a precursor to intended soul growth. Categorizing our past, as just the past, allows us the opportunity to move with grace through all our challenges. Strength will prevail in our lives once we have established the sensation of pure self -love.

By taking time to have the relationship with ourselves first, spending time in nature or just in a chair and focusing on breath, we become aware of the Divine person that exists between the layers of skin and the vast interior world. Our life’s journey is a creative assignment as we can determine our beliefs and edit our programming. We are the artist of our lives; make-believe and paint the picture we wish to see. Choose our lives and live it ostentatiously. Smile, as we are the creators of experience.

Tis the Season of Loving!

Love Courageously! JustLOVE

Love Exposed

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