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Unwavering loyalty

Edie, standing guard
Edie, standing guard
Family photo

As one enters into the twilight years, the unexpected can become the norm.

As the body grows frail, a medical crisis can occur when least expected.

It is in these twilight years that we need someone to be there for us - to catch us if we should fall.

Not long ago, when Jim Taylor's mother experienced her own medical crisis, someone was there for her in that crucial moment of need.

That someone was Taylor's German shepherd, Edie.

Edie sensed a problem with the elderly woman and went to her most trusted companion - her guardian.

Taylor's mother was able to receive the help and care that she needed in time, thanks to this dog's intelligence and devotion.

Now that Taylor's mother is back from the hospital, Edie continues to stand watch - unwavering in her dedication to the beloved senior.

Edie stands guard at her bedside during the day and watches over her when the sun recedes.

On occasion, the loyal dog gently nudges Taylor's mother - a sweet reminder that she is still there - watching, waiting, protecting.

Edie leads with her heart - doing what is right by instinct alone.

May we all be on the receiving end of such loving devotion at some point in our lives.

Have you read about Jewel? If not, please take a moment to read the plea for this beautiful German shepherd's life.

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