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Unusual uses for deodorant: Save money and be frugal when super sales fail

There are other unusual uses for deodorant that most people wouldn’t think to try. Many times we purchase deodorants or antiperspirants because they are on sale. The deals are just too good to pass up and you bring home a different brand that the one you’re currently using.

Save money and be frugal when super sales fail

Not all underarm products are created the same. After a day of two of using the sale item you notice it doesn’t do its intended job and causes you to feel uncomfortable around others. So you stick that product in a drawer, bin or linen closet thinking maybe it’ll work another time.

This can be true since hormones can change the way your chemical makeup works. One product may be effective for a while then out of the blue stop working for you. Then you change to another brand and go back to the original one and you’re fine with that product since it works great once again.

This is fine if you swap between two different brands but when the box on the shelf in the closet becomes a collection of unused products it is time to find other uses for them so you can continue to get your money’s worth from them.

Here are some unusual uses for deodorant:

A bottle of deodorant makes for a great closet freshener. Just remove the top and place it in the closet out of the way of the clothes and it will serve as an air freshener in that enclosed space and you can enjoy the fresh scent of the product you no longer can use for its intended purpose.

Deodorant is great when dabbed on a pimple or a fever blister. It has fast acting drying properties which will aid in the disappearance of those embarrassing marks on your skin quickly. It is also a lot less expensive than beauty creams made specifically for pimples.

Depending upon where you live also depends upon how many bugs are present in your area. Lots of bugs bite and leave their mark with an itchy or stinging feeling. Smear a little deodorant in that area and the itching feeling will calm down and not be so annoying.

Shoes that are too tight or new ones being broken in can cause blisters. If you know you have trouble spots on your feet roll some deodorant over those area before putting on socks or stocking and placing your feet in those shoes. This will lubricate those areas and help prevent the irritation that you get from the constant rubbing or tightness of newer shoes.

There are lots of products on the market to help people who have a big issue with smelly feet. The scent of stinky feet is embarrassing and offensive to many people. Rub the bottoms of your feet with some deodorant and it will help stop the offensive odor and leave your feet and shoes smelling a lot nicer.

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