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Unusual Paranormal Experiences

For the past two weeks I have been experiencing many things from spirits being around me to unexplainable dreams. Here is were it begins. A couple of weeks ago my parents took me to a play, which was a comedy. I was sitting down really having a great time and suddenly I felt something sitting on me. If you ever experienced a spirit touching you, it feels like a heightened sensitivity, like the hairs are standing on the back of your neck. I had this feeling a few times during the play from chest to the upper part of my legs. The next day I went to my friend's house, and paranormal partner and explained to her what happened. She told me that is weird, but not unheard of. Now we were watching a movie and happened to me again. So she took a photo of me, because she felt it when she put her hand near me. The photo did not come out. All other photos came out, except that one. It actually come out with all black. Again, the same thing happened. I was feeling something on my right leg. Now I am scared. I am thinking what the heck did take back with me.

During the week, every now and then something would happen. Lights would flicker around me, strange noises, and being woken up to a loud sound like something was bouncing. This weekend that just past I had a very strange dream. The phone was ringing and it was my close friend calling me early in the morning at 5:23 telling me she had something to tell me. And that was it. Usually dreams like that are real and a someone that has passed on is trying to communicate with you. So I called my friend Tracey Courage Paranormal Investigator, and she suggested with all these weird things going on to try to make contact. So I got an EMF scanner, and sure enough it scanned quite a few different spirits. Not all the time, but enough to make me nervous. Now we are trying to find out what they want. I will keep updates on this.

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Cheryl A Nocera