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Untold diseases accompany illegal immigrant children housed on military bases

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As military bases here in the United States scramble to ready facilities for thousands of illegal Latino children entering into the country via Mexico, authorities, including Border Patrol Agents, are worried about more than housing; they fear untold diseases are accompanying these minors. They fear an epidemic.

Chris Cabrera, one such agent in Texas, has already seen chickenpox, staph infections, multiple viruses, and scabies; all diseases that could run rampant while the government warehouses undocumented teenagers awaiting a high-level decision on repatriating.

The administration has appropriated nearly $3 billion to cover the costs of feeding and clothing these children. It’s unknown if extensive healthcare costs have been factored into that budget, already estimated to cost some $252 per day, per child.

What no one has mentioned is the number of pregnant teenagers who have already been admitted into the United States or what to do with those undocumented teens who will most assuredly become pregnant in the detention centers. Babies born in America qualify as citizens.

Currently, Fort Sill in Lawton, Okla., Joint Base San Antonio, (formerly known as Lackland Air Force Base) and Naval Base Ventura have been directed to accommodate the teenagers.

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