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'Until Dawn' rebuilt to create 'fundamentally more terrifying' PS4 experience

Ready for Until Dawn?
Ready for Until Dawn?
Permission given to use by Sony Computer Entertainment of America

Originally announced for the PS Move and PS3, Until Dawn has now finally made its way to the PS4. It was two years since we had heard from Supermassive Games about Until Dawn, but now it's back and better than before.

Ready for Until Dawn?
Permission to use photo given by Sony Computer Entertainment

Until Dawn wasn't just transferred from the PS3 to the PS4, it has been completely broken down and built back up. Pete Samuels, who is the managing director at Supermassive Games, spoke about Until Dawn and how they have completely remade the game for the PS4.

"We re-designed, re-built and re-wrote the game so now you have a more mature, darker and fundamentally more terrifying experience on PS4.

"One of the first changes you’ll notice, apart from how much more beautiful it now looks and sounds, is that we’ve moved from first person to third person perspective. This allows a much more cinematic experience for you, so you feel completely immersed in this beautiful but spine-chilling world," Samuels said.

Until Dawn looks noticeably better than what we saw a couple of years ago, which is to be expected. The shift from the PlayStation Move to just the DualShock 4 is certainly worth noting. Aside from creating the game for PS4, the decision to move the game back to a controller also contributed to the game being rebuilt from the ground up.

Until Dawn received a very positive reaction from fans when it was originally announced a few years ago, and Supermassive appreciated the support then and still does now. Samuels described how the community has impacted Until Dawn.

"We were also overwhelmed by the amount of you that let us know you wanted to play the game with regular DualShock controls, so we took a step back and considered how to make this change. At around that time we started to learn more about PlayStation 4 and the DualShock 4 and so made the decision to make Until Dawn next-gen," Samuels said.

Until Dawn is a PS4 exclusive, though, we do not have a release date yet for this game. No year has been specified, so this could end up being a 2016 game, depending on how development progresses.

Thanks, PSBlog.

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