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Unsolved Pulaski County, Ky. double murder: Linda Gibson and Cody Garrett

The bodies of Linda Gibson and her half-brother, 4-year-old Cody Garrett, were discovered at the edge of a Somerset, Ky. field on July 7, 1994.
The bodies of Linda Gibson and her half-brother, 4-year-old Cody Garrett, were discovered at the edge of a Somerset, Ky. field on July 7, 1994.
Pulaski County Sheriff's Department;

On July 3, 1994, 21-year-old Linda Gibson decided to treat her 4-year-old half-brother, Cody Garrett, to a candy bar. The two were said to have been walking to a nearby convenience store. Indeed, the last time either Linda or Cody was seen alive was in the area of the local Dairy Mart, located “on Bourne Ave. in Somerset, Ky.”, according to police reports.

When Linda and Cody did not return, concerned family members made the decision to contact the authorities on July 4, 1994. What should have been a fun holiday, filled with fireworks and celebration, was instead a day of worry and dread for the family of Linda Gibson and Cody Garrett. It would be days before their bodies would be discovered.

On July 7, 1994, Linda and Cody’s family’s worst fears were confirmed. Both bodies were found a mere two miles from where they had last been seen, “in a remote area just outside the city of Somerset”, according to police. The bodies had been concealed by the overgrown weeds along the fence of a rural field.

Upon further investigation, authorities determined that the bodies of Linda and Cody had merely been dumped at the above location, and were instead murdered at another location that remains unknown. Could the two have been abducted, murdered in a vehicle, and then strategically dumped in an area with high weeds in order to impede the discovery of their bodies? This theory could explain why police have, thus far, been unable to find the scene of the murder, as the killer(s) would have had ample time to rid a vehicle of any evidence of the murder before the bodies were discovered.

It will be two decades in July of this year since this grisly double murder occurred. However, the investigation into the murders of Linda Gibson and Cody Garrett remains open and ongoing. The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, the Somerset Police Department, and even the FBI have pooled their resources and expertise in an effort to find justice for Lind and Cody. Unfortunately, there have been no arrests in the case to date, though investigators still claim to be looking into possible suspects.

In an interview with siblings of Linda and Cody, Shawn Garrett and Jessica Cook, the two claim to be harboring a great deal of hope that the case will be solved and the family will finally have some closure. Both Shawn and Jessica have made the investigation personal, working on their own to pursue information and leads. In an interview with LEX 18 News, Jessica Cook expressed the belief that the family had waited far too long for answers, stating that the family feels “aggravated, really. Frustrated. You can’t make sense of it. You hear rumors and hearsay in town. Well, this happened, that happened… What really happened?”

Although the Pulaski County Sheriff admits that numerous seemingly promising leads turned out to be dead-ends, he refused to comment on any physical evidence due to the ongoing investigation in this case. Cook and her brother remain hopeful that new technologies may be utilized to unearth previously unavailable evidence and generate new leads. At the very least, Cook told LEX 18, she hopes “that maybe someone that didn’t want to come forward at that time would come forward now”.

Anyone with information in this case may report that information, anonymously if preferred, to the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department by calling 606-678-5145 or emailing If the information provided to authorities results in the capture and/or conviction of the individual(s) who committed the brutal murders of Linda Gibson and Cody Garrett, the person who provided the information could be “eligible for a cash reward”, according to the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department.

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