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UnSkewed Polls is back online!

UnSkewed Polls is back
UnSkewed Polls is back
UnSkewed Polls

This is bad news for the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy to destroy America. The UnSkewed Polls web site that originally exposed how the “mainstream” media manipulated and manufactured skewed polls to show Barack Obama winning by a larger margin than he was, to help create that perception of inevitability of his victory that helped them suppress millions of conservative votes, is back online. That's right, the site that unskewed those skewed polls is back online, in time to start unskewing yet again.

It was so clear by the summer of 2012 that the polls weren't right, that most could see they were not accurate except for the Kool Aid drinkers on the left who believed, out of wishful thinking, that Obama really was winning by that much as the polls showed. Many became aware of the issues after I wrote about the September 10, 2012 CNN/ORC poll, showing Obama leading by 6 percent, that I pronounced as being “doubly skewed.” Later that night, The Drudge Report linked that story about the skewed CNN/ORC poll to report to the public how the media was manipulating these polls of the 2012 presidential race.

The next day, September 11, 2012 (before the Benghazi story broke later that night), Rush Limbaugh went on air shortly after noon and read my article about the doubly-skewed CNN/ORC poll. Rush tried to make everyone aware that the media was working with the Obama campaign to try to suppress votes for Romney by convincing everyone that it was inevitable that Obama would win reelection.

Rush said, “Did I not tell you yesterday, did I not make the case yesterday, and today it's borne out to be true. All of this inevitability of Barack Obama is manufactured. It started in The Politico, with two guys named John Harris and Jim VandeHei. They're the ones who got this whole ballgame running on, "Obama's inevitable. Obama got the great bounce." And, folks, it's all phony. There's nothing to it. Even the CNN poll that's out that's got Obama up six. It's a joke of a poll. The Democrat sample in this poll is absolutely unbelievably high. It is a joke of a poll.”

Soon after that I created the UnSkewed Polls web site, to present more information on how skewed the polls were, and to further illustrate that, I created the UnSkewed Average of Polls, much like the Real Clear Political average of polls, except this average used the UnSkewed Numbers from the polls and listed for each poll the percentage by which the poll was skewed. This attracted a lot of attention, support from conservatives and opposition from the left, as it showed what would be the true picture of the race between Obama and Romney, as well as Obama's approval rating in the polls, if the polls were not skewed.

Soon after, the address of the site was Tweeted by Texas Governor Rick Perry who cited it as a source of “unskewed data” and David Limbaugh, the brother of Rush Limbaugh, and many others. Before long, the site was getting more than one hundred thousand visits per day. Just about everyone involved in politics, and most political junkies, became aware of the UnSkewed Polls web site.

The left could never stand it. They refused to admit the polls were skewed, and clearly didn't want to accept the reason why they were skewed, which was to create the image that Obama was winning and his reelection was inevitable, and to make it look realistic and plausible that Obama had won when the campaign and the Obama Regime would be accused of doing what they really did, suppressing the vote on the right and engaging in massive voter fraud in key swing states.

UnSkewed Polls exposed the “mainstream” media for manipulating and skewing the polls, and it exposed the reason they were doing it. The lest and the “mainstream” media can't stand this, which is why they routinely (as if ordered from on high) refer to the UnSkewed Polls web site, or it's creator, as the “discredited UnSkewed Polls web site.” They can never refer to the site without writing before it, the adjective “discredited.”

The site is only “discredited” in the fantasy un-reality world in which progressives and liberals on the far left live. In the world of reality we live in, the polls really were skewed and the “unskewing” I did with them showed the more accurate numbers. The site, and my unskewing of the polls, was very much validated with the numerous election-related scandals that were exposed with voter fraud, voter suppression, and the exposing of the IRS Scandal and how the Obama Regime used the levers of government (namely the IRS) to suppress political activity and fundraising by TEA party and conservative groups, not to mention the millions of votes that were suppressed by that activity and other efforts of the Regime and the Obama 2012 campaign.

UnSkewed Polls was validated, vindicated, and legitimized. UnSkewed Polls is “too legit to quit” and the site is back. The UnSkewing will soon resume. Warning to the left, the scam was exposed and it will continue to be exposed. All your scams. The polls, the voter suppression, the voter fraud.

View the site here at

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