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Unruly passenger: Eastern Canada airport site of diversion

Saturday, an unruly passenger forced a flight diversion to an Eastern Canada airport. American Airlines officials confirmed that a man on a London-bound flight from Chicago caused so much of a ruckus that pilots had to make and unscheduled landing to kick the passenger off the plane, per airline safety rules, citing a Feb. 16 Huffington Post report.

 American Airlines planes are seen on the tarmac at the Miami International Airport on February 12, 2013 in Miami, Florida.
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

It appears that unruly passengers causing flight diversions are becoming commonplace nowadays. However, in the post-911 era, airline operators and authorities are not taking these sorts of disturbances and complaints lightly.

Watch a video above of another passenger who was yanked off a JetBlue Airways flight for allegedly scratching a pilot.

Kent Powell with AA said shortly after Flight 86 departed from Chicago's Heathrow Airport enroute to London, a male passenger became unruly. Reportedly, he repeatedly refused to comply with the instructions from flight crew members. However, the details are sketchy on what the exact nature of the disturbance was and what the man’s state of mind was at the time.

Accordingly, the captain diverted the plane to a nearby eastern Canada. There, in Gander, Newfoundland, the man was taken into custody by police.

Despite the ruckus caused on the plane and the resulting flight diversion, there were no reported injuries and damage to the aircraft.

The unruly passenger's fate is unknown after Eastern Canada authorities detained him.


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