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Unprepared for love

Dating for most of us has become a series of bad memories we would like to forget. There's a microscopic part of us that assumes each person we meet will present the opportunity for an emotional awakening, only to find that our soul once again is subject to similar disappointments of memories past. At this point, you find comfort in pleasant dinner conversation, so at least you can say you have a hint of intimacy in your life. But, what happens when pleasant is simply no longer sufficient? Every date eats away at your emotional innocence, hardening you to an experience that will unequivocally leave you with at least an orgasm, or lack thereof.

Once in a orange moon, you will find the one person that somehow, someway, can turn those conventional wisdoms right on top of their head, and leave them bloodied and beaten. How could this be? At this point nothing can surprise you. Over the last 10 years you have become lord of the dating clichés, while the rest of the free world has become your minions, completely at your disposal to entertain or dismiss. Suddenly the decision isn't so black and white, in fact, it's everything in between. Its unclear how proceed when emotions become involved, or better yet, when visions of "forever" become inflamed.

There's no time to wait. Every chance you get to embrace these long lost emotions, you move forward with the speed of sound. No time for deep breaths or daydreams. This opportunity may not come again for a long time, if ever. But, how should you proceed? You have built up a vault of dating equity that could rival Fort Knox, you should be well versed in these situations. Right? Unfortunately, every prior experience has proven to be far less valuable and has left you with a sense of desperation. You don't want to mess this up for this opportunity may not come again for a long time, if ever.

Now that you have found love, it's truly unthinkable to imagine that you have went years without feeling this way. Like a vampire, you have sucked the blood of new life, leaving you feeling invigorated with a new sense of purpose. Things couldn't be better at this point. Phone calls and text are in abundance and the connection is surreal. But, even in the most euphoric moments, in the midst of passionate sex or laughter, one thought continues to trouble you . You don't want to mess this up, for this opportunity may not come again for a long time, if ever...

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