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Unpopular Juan Pablo picks Nikki and Clare bawls him out: 'The Bachelor' finale

Juan Pablo chose Nikki on the worst season of "The Bachelor" ever.
Juan Pablo chose Nikki on the worst season of "The Bachelor" ever.
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"The Bachelor" finale with Juan Pablo aired Monday night and Galavis, the “most controversial Bachelor ever” chose Nikki, but not to marry, however the season ended with a big twist. Clare bawled him out and said she'd never want her kids to have a father like him.

Live from Los Angeles “The Bachelor” host Chris Harrison teased the closer as “one of the most dramatic and surprising finales ever.” Juan Pablo is not easy, is charismatic, yet runs at the first sign of trouble, fights a lot, and is very arrogant, so says his family and the bachelorettes of “The Bachelor.” Apparently his mother agrees and told Clare, 32, as much when she met Juan Pablo’s family in Saint Lucia.

He’s very rude and hyperactive!

Nikki, 26, was the next potential fiancé to discuss Juan Pablo’s intentions, although she already met the family at Camila’s dance recital in Miami. And once again the 32-year-old bachelor was given a negative critique, this time from his papa.

He’s not an easy guy.

“The Bachelor” live studio audience concurred, as did former contestants and couples of the reality TV dating show. Juan Pablo has a bad rap outlined by complacency and arrogance, not a good recipe for a potential husband. Leave now Nikki.

While this season of “The Bachelor” lacked cat fighting and drama amongst the ladies, Juan Pablo brought enough angst to supposedly satisfy ratings, yet most of the time each episode was just plain dull, until Galavis’ true colors radiated for all of “Bachelor Nation” to see.

On the last date with Clare, Juan Pablo whispered something to the hairstylist that shocked her as the cameras and microphones weren’t recording. He insulted and offended her and made her feel awful and it was sexual in nature. Clare said “The Bachelor” asked to hookup and he also commented that they didn’t know each other.

Clare summoned Juan Pablo for a discussion, and it was clear this man is so full of himself that there is no room for anyone else in his heart. What he is can’t be proclaimed in a public forum. “The Bachelor” certainly has a problem opening his ears to listen to someone, and enjoys hearing himself talk. So much so that on Nikki’s final date, when she asked about the future, it was entirely based upon Juan Pablo watching TV, movies and sports.

Despite how “OK” Juan Pablo assumed everything was, he made his choice and “The Bachelor” is not getting engaged. However, this jerk doesn't want to lose Nikki, gave her his final rose, but has never said he loved her. This relationship is destined for failure.

After Clare told him off, that POS said he was glad he didn't pick her. What garbage this "Bachelor" turned out to be.

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