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Unplug Your Kids with Faster and More Interesting Board and Strategy games

Teachers, camp counselors and moms know that a great way to calm down your children or students is to play a board game or a card game. Most preschool games are fun and easy and can be played very quickly. Video games give the kids the instant gratification that they crave but it’s a good idea to unplug sometimes and have them play a hands on board game to stimulate their spacial knowledge and their creativity and have them interact.
Games such as Cootie and Break the Ice are preschool favorites that entertain, end and entertain again. As the kids get older however, the games tend to last longer and sometimes they get bored. Here are some suggestions for making the games for your older children or students go faster and give the kids more instant gratification that they seek.
For Monopoly by Hasbro it’s easy. If you are playing a standard version of Monopoly make the game more fun by putting 500.00 in the middle to start and adding money to the middle every time a player pays for something. If a player lands on free parking or go they get the money! Put another 500 in and the play continues. Usually whoever gets the money ends up winning but sometimes multiple players land on it. You can also establish the rule that once someone buys a color property they get first dibs on buying the other colors even if someone else lands on it. This will help people get monopolies faster and build houses and hotels faster and win faster!
For Clue by Milton Bradley you can forget about the dice and forget about moving along the board. On each person’s turn have them simply pick a room to go to that is not on their card. Have the guess the weapon and the perpetrator. This is much faster than wandering around the board and produces a winner quickly.
For Uno by Mattel a way to make the game go faster is ,before the game, to separate the cards by color and then put them back in the deck by varying color. This will avoid getting 7 red cards in a row when you need a green card.
For students and campers older elementary age and up there are a great selection of strategy games at Seventh Dimension Games in Jenkintown, PA. Strategy games are never boring because there is always a unique set up and a surprising outcome. Check out their You Tube site for other interesting gaming ideas:
So, if you need some downtime form your busy school or camp schedule give your students and campers a rest from screen time and introduce some fun interesting board games with quick rules or strategy games and help them with their spacial awareness, creativity and interaction skills.

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