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Unplanned Pregnancies: The New Mid-life Crises

When the media talk about unplanned pregnancies, they’re usually talking about teenagers and young adults. However, an unplanned pregnancy can happen to a woman at any age. In fact, numerous women are now getting pregnant in their mid-thirties without planning it.

Element of Surprise

Many women over the age of 35 believe that they are no longer fertile enough to get pregnant without lots of trying. So they throw caution into the wind. Then they get majorly caught off-guard when a night of unprotected sex leaves them with a growing baby bump.

Mid-life Crisis

Finding out you’re pregnant when you weren’t planning on having a baby can easily throw you into a mid-life crisis. Being over 35, chances are good that you already have a plan in motion for how you want your life to be. So an unplanned pregnancy can be seen as a detour, and it can cause you to stress about not reaching your life goals.

Advanced Maternal Age

If you have ever read a pregnancy book, then you probably know about advanced maternal age. Any woman who is pregnant after 35 is considered to be of advanced maternal age, and is automatically categorized as a high-risk pregnancy. Hence, even if you weren’t stressed out about a surprise pregnancy, you’re probably going to feel a midlife crisis coming on upon hearing about your so-called advanced maternal age.

Increased Number of Miscarriages

Being of an advanced maternal age when pregnant could increase the chances of a pregnancy loss. Women over 45 at the time of conception are 50 percent more likely to have a miscarriage than a woman not of an advanced maternal age. For women still under 40, the increased risk for miscarriage is only 20 percent.

Other Risks

When you’re pregnant after the age of 35, you are considered at risk for a couple of pregnancy-induced health problems. Your blood pressure is more likely to spike, and you have a higher chance of developing gestational diabetes. Placental problems are more likely to occur, and the likelihood of you having a Caesarean Section to deliver the baby is higher than that of a younger mom.

Happy Endings Possible

Even if you didn’t plan your pregnancy, there’s nothing to say that you won’t enjoy having a baby in your life. And yes, health risks are there for you and your baby. However, with proper monitoring from a doctor, chances are good for a happy mom and a healthy baby.

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