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Unofficial scorecard: Bernard Hopkins vs Jean Pascal

Getting better with age?
Getting better with age?
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Bernard Hopkins may well be close to his 46th birthday; however, he is arguably as dangerous as he always has been—and expect to see him again. His fight last night against Canada’s Jean Pascal started with a controversial first round and then proceeded to give us one of the best fights of 2010 (not many to pick from). The unofficial scorecard came in as follows:

  • Round 1. 10 to 8 (Pascal). A close opening round that had Hopkins dropped/pushed in the final seconds. The “knockdown” was the result of a blow to the back of the head, which is not a scoring punch and, as such, should not have been counted. Regardless, the referee did call it a knockdown and the judges had to honor it on the scorecards.
  • Round 2. 10 to 9 (Pascal).
  • Round 3. 10 to 8 (Pascal). Pascal scored a legitimate knockdown in the third. Naturally, Hopkins disagreed, but the referee got this one right.
  • Round 4. 10 to 9 (Hopkins).
  • Round 5. 10 to 9 (Pascal).
  • Round 6. 10 to 9 (Hopkins).
  • Round 7. 10 to 9 (Hopkins).
  • Round 8. 10 to 9 (Hopkins).
  • Round 9. 10 to 9 (Hopkins).
  • Round 10. 10 to 9 (Hopkins).
  • Round 11. 10 to 9 (Hopkins).
  • Round 12. 10 to 9 (Hopkins).

The unofficial scorecard came down with a 114-112 decision victory in favor of The Executioner. The official scorecards, however, came in at 114-112 (Hopkins), 113-113 (draw), and 114-114 (draw). As such, the result of the contest ended in a majority draw and Pascal retained the WBC Light Heavyweight title.


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