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Unnecessary Mississippi hunting law introduced

The author's tree stand
The author's tree stand

A bill has been introduced in the Mississippi Senate by Lee Yancey of Brandon, which would add yet another unnecessary law for Mississippi hunters. The law would prohibit hunting within 1/4 mile of any church while worship services are being held. It would also outlaw hunting with a firearm within 200 yards of a dwelling without the permission of the owner or lessee.

While I’m sure Mr. Yancey’s motive for introducing such a bill is well-intentioned, this is nevertheless simply another example of big-brother government interfering where there is really no need. The first part of the bill forbids hunting within a quarter mile of a church ‘while worship services are being held.’ Has Mr. Yancey’s church service ever been disrupted by the crack of a deer rifle in the middle of a sermon? I have attended church in a rural setting for many of my 51 years, and not once have I ever heard the sound of gunfire while in church. Neither have I ever heard the sound of dogs trailing a rabbit through the church cemetery.

The second part of the bill prohibits hunting with a firearm within 200 yards of a dwelling without the permission of the owner or lessee. While I live on only 13 acres, I have one tree stand and three shooting houses. The tree stand and two of the shooting houses are within 200 yards of two different neighbors. However, I hunt only with a 12 gauge shotgun in this area, for obvious safety reasons. My neighbors are aware of these deer stands, and they have no problem with the location. They know I have enough common sense and respect for their property not to shoot in the direction of their homes. Furthermore, if my neighbors did object to the location of these stands, I’m certain we would discuss it in a civil manner and we would reach some sort of friendly agreement.

Government too often erroneously assumes its citizens have little or no common sense. It also too often dismisses the likelihood that neighbors can work out their own disagreements. While it is true that a dispute occasionally arises which requires the intervention of law enforcement, more times than not neighbors can resolve disagreements without the need of the sheriff or game warden. Mr. Yancey should understand that Mississippi hunters need no further regulations at this time, and he should withdraw this bill from further consideration. In other words, Mr. Yancey, if we hunters need you, we’ll call you.


  • Patrick 5 years ago

    I suspect Mr Yancey is introducing this due to pressure from a SMALL group of contituents based on a couple of fatal hunting accidents last year in the state. I dont remember the particulars of either other than one case was in Montgomery county where a teenager was shot down in his yard by a hunter down the road who was shooting from his vehicle parked on the roadside. In that case, the hunter was already breaking an old rule...which does happen when a law is on the books. No need for a new law. He simply needs to make an announcment reminding hunters of the laws already on the books....not trying to promote more laws that would not have changed the outcome due to the law breaker one way or the other.
    Chickasaw County

  • Beth 5 years ago

    I suspect Mr. Powell has never met a hunter from Lincoln County. The more rules and regulations that can be put in place to enforce drunk crazy people to stay at home with their guns, the better. And, yes, Mr. Powell, a hunt has disrupted church services more than once. When the deacons hear a dog, they stop hearing the pastor. In fact, my husband and I visited a church in Summit where all the pastor could do was talk about the deer season that year. Sounds like Mr. Yancey is as sick of these 'sportsmen' as the rest of us. I have had shots fired from the road toward my house (less than 200 yards) and even the game warden doesn't do anything and everyone knows it. I agree and would heartly vote for the permission idea because my neighbors aren't as considerate as Mr. Powell acts like he is. I only have 23 acres and am plagued by irresponsible hunters who don't own land of their own and after fifty years, I have never been asked for permission. Pass more laws!!

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    One should suspect Mr. Yancey's motives. He was a "lobbyist" for the MS Baptists, well until the caught him surfing porn on MS Baptist Convention computers (he was one of 2 caught but was the 1 of 2 that wasn't punished), but the point is that he is beholden to the business of the Baptist church.

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