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UNLV students ask Hillary to return $225,000 speaking fee, call it ‘outrageous’

Hillary Clinton
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton is having money problems. Not the kind she and Bubba had back when they were leaving the White House and were — to use her words — “dead broke.” These, rather, are the kinds of money problems people have when they outwardly disdain capitalism while hypocritically raking in the big bucks hand over fist.

From Business Insider:

Two top student government leaders at the University of [Nevada at] Las Vegas are requesting Hillary Clinton return the "outrageous" $225,000 speaking fee she reportedly will receive for an upcoming speech at the school in October.

In a video circulated by the national Republican Party Friday, Elias Benjelloun, the UNLV student body president, and Daniel Waqar, the student government's public relations director, slammed the university's foundation for paying Clinton so much for the event.

"We really appreciate anybody who would come to raise money for the university. But anybody who's being paid $225,000 to come speak, we think that's a little bit outrageous. And we'd like Secretary Clinton — respectfully — to gracefully return the money to the university or the foundation," Waqar said on the Nevada political program "Ralston Reports."

Benjelloun echoed Waqar's remarks.

"When we heard $225,000, we weren't so thrilled," he said. "We would hope that Hillary Clinton commits to higher education ... and returns part or whole of the amount she receives for speaking."

Here’s the video.

As though the spotlight weren’t already shining garishly enough on the Clinton family fortune (which all three Clintons have now taken turns defending), Simon & Schuster, publisher of Hillary’s new memoir “Hard Choices,” reports that sales are way down and despairs of recouping the $14 million advance they reportedly paid the former first lady.

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