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Unlocking the mystery of the 'Staten Island Clown'

The Staten Island Clown has been terrorizing residents of the borough for a week, but has the mystery been solved?
The Staten Island Clown has been terrorizing residents of the borough for a week, but has the mystery been solved?

By now, you have probably seen the buzz on social media about the creepy "Staten Island Clown", who has been haunting the streets of Staten Island, and the dreams of its residents, for the past week.

The mystery of the clown's identity has been as intriguing as the sudden appearance of the makeup-laden freak itself, but the creepy "It"-lookalike has left some big clues as to its true identity.

After a little digging, and channeling my inner Rust Cohle, I believe I can unveil, with relative certainty, who is behind the mask:

First, the history of the "(insert your city here) clown"prank over the years. A year ago, a similar (in appearance and modus operandi) clown appeared in Northampton, England, terrorizing its inhabitants for over a month. The true identity of the clown would have remained a mystery for a much longer time to come, had it not been for one newspaper that went on a hunch and exposed the clown as 22-year-old Filmmaker, Alex Powell.

After being exposed, the backstory of the Northampton clown was revealed in a "mockumentary" film and published to YouTube by Powell a short time later. Confirming that the bald-headed buffoonery was all part of an elaborate hoax and filmmaking project.

The mystery had been solved, but the prank, nonetheless, had been a great success in terms of media coverage. And, like any heavy-publicized crime, there's bound to be a few copycats that turn up; which is exactly what we're looking at with the Staten Island Clown - a perfectly replicated ripoff.

But who would stand to gain the most from ripping off the Northampton Clown? Well, an Independent Filmmaker, that's who.

And it's at this realization where we find the perpetrator(s) made the first slip-up: the need for immediate attention. Rather than wait for the big payoff, our masked terrorizers decided to fire the first shot and post the "first sighting" of the clown (which has since been deleted) to their Instagram account.

And the Instagram poster was...? Well, it just so happens to be the owner of independent film company, Fuzz on the Lens (FOTL), Michael Leavy.

From this big break, the NYDailyNews was able to connect a few more dots. Most importantly, a viral video posted by comedian, Vic Dibitetto. Dibitetto, as the NYDailyNews pointed out, has worked with Fuzz on the Lens before and appears to be the biggest fan of the Staten Island Clown.

With all signs "pointing" to Fuzz on the Lens as the suspect pool, it was time to thin the herd with a little social media detective work and uncover which one of the crew is the actual clown.

Enter: Jason Leavy. Brother of FOTL owner, Michael.

Upon examination of Jason's Facebook profile, it became more and more clear this guy was the clown. First off, he's the brother of the cameraman. There's the obvious connection there, plus the added fact that if you're going to pull of an epic hoax, you have to work with someone you can trust. Second, he's bald, and who better to bear the burden of heavy makeup and wigs than someone who doesn't have to worry about it getting in, or sticking to, his hair?

Finally, like all great criminal masterminds that get caught, he couldn't resist leaving a "signature".

The Staten Island Clown does one thing almost every time he is filmed: he points. And, Jason Leavy, is a heavy, heavy fan of the point in photos. So much so, that it's almost like this guy's been trying to tell us he's the clown the whole time. We just had to look for it.

For example, here is Jason doing the clown's trademark, the point, in his cover photo. And here's another photo of Jason pointing right at us, just like the clown, same grin and all. And here he is pointing again in a photo, and here, and, well, you get the point...

In this humble social media detective's opinion, the evidence speaks for itself. Next time you see the Staten Island Clown standing in the shadows of the borough, smile, Michael's most likely filming you somewhere nearby.

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