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Unleash the Happy with Dogswell

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Dogswell launched their “Unleash the Happy” campaign today in order to celebrate their 10th birthday. The campaign was designed to feature a series of videos highlighting “surprise and delight” moments in order to tackle everyday human problems such as boredom, anxiety and stress.

Their first video was captured last Friday, June 20th. It showcased what transpired when Dogswell unleashed more than 20 canines (adults and puppies alike) on an office of unsuspecting stressed out New Yorkers in honor of Take Your Dog to Work Day®. Things changed once the dogs arrived!

In addition to happy moments, Dogswell believes that better nutrition leads to longer, healthier and happier lives for pets. This in turn makes for healthier and happier human counterparts. For ten years, the company has been making premium treats and foods packed with nutritious ingredients and supplements to help dogs run faster, smile wider and wag their tails like there's no tomorrow.

“The link between healthy and happy dogs and happy people is real,” said Dogswell CEO Brad Casper. “The Dogswell brand stands for food and treats that help dogs be at their healthiest and happiest and we’re excited to unleash these dogs on unsuspecting humans in fun, unexpected ways.”

DOGSWELL is well aware what premium, innovative pet food and treats can do for beloved pets. They have been a leading supplier of these products since they were founded in 2004. Dogswell is based in the Los Angeles California area. The company was built on the belief that better nutrition leads to longer, healthier and happier lives for pets. The organization offers four lines of food: LiveFree, HAPPY HIPS, VITALITY and NUTRISCA. DOGSWELL also offers a wide variety of treats including Jerky Bars™, Jerky Strips, Raw Freeze Dried Bites, Grillers, Artisan Meats Sliders and Deli Slices and Crunchy treats for cats. DOGSWELL products can be found in pet specialty stores, supermarkets, and neighborhood pet retailers nationwide.

In order to get their message out across America and to spread the love, they are popping in and visiting different areas. For more information on the “Unleash the Happy” campaign, visit For more information, please visit Logon and see if they will be visiting an office near you.

All people experience stress. Dogs were put here to relieve that stress. Dogswell is well aware and is willing to step in and do something about it. Watch their initial video on YouTube and see what great work they have already done.

*Take Your Dog To Work Day® and the TYDTWD Logo are trademarks of Pet Sitters International, Inc., and are used with permission.