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Unleash the creativity of children at Sacramento's ArtBeast Studio

The ArtBeast sign welcomes visitors to its colorful world.
The ArtBeast sign welcomes visitors to its colorful world.
Mary Beth Magee

Children love to create. Oftentimes, what they create is a mess, leading to unhappy parents and squelched creativity. For Sacramento children, a tidy solution exists: ArtBeast!

ArtBeast boasts three interior levels of possibilities as well as a courtyard area for outdoor fun. Children can explore and create without any fear of making a mess, because ArtBeast thrives on creative chaos. The most fastidious parent can leave the mess behind when the child has finished the project.

Budding artists can paint, draw and sculpt in the light-filled Open Studio. Tables and easels scattered around the room give plenty of space for little arms to move. One wall has a washable whiteboard for larger mural-type works.

The lower level caters to presentation art. Scenery and props call to little actors and singers with an invitation to perform. Large sets include a spaceship and a sailboat plus a large silver structure ready to take on whatever role is needed for play time.

Another area of the building offers a fort-like structure with levels for climbing. Other rooms hold a tunnel for crawling through, a dance floor and a dedicated area for safe play for infants.

Besides the open studio, ArtBeast offers classes in a variety of skills for children. The latest schedule is available at the ArtBeast website. The classes are geared toward children under seven years of age.

Children can attend ArtBeast in a variety of ways. Parents can purchase a day pass, a 10-visit punch card or a monthly pass. The annual membership offers the best value. The facility also makes a great site for birthday parties and other celebrations.

ArtBeast provides a creative resource with an agenda - proceeds from the location benefit Tubman House, a transitional living facility aiding homeless, parenting youth and their children. As laughing children play at ArtBeast, they are helping other children like themselves to a better life. Sales of gift shop items aid Tubman House, as well.

Let the children unleash their inner Beasties at ArtBeast. Let someone else do the clean up! You'll echo the sentiments of a mug in the gift shop: I HE(ART) BEASTIES!


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