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Unknown fish species caught off Pensacola pier: Bizarre fish prehistoric-looking

Unknown fish species caught of Pensacola Pier: Unidentified species baffles scientists.
Unknown fish species caught of Pensacola Pier: Unidentified species baffles scientists.
Screenshot / NBC News WFLA

A bizarre prehistoric-looking species of fish was caught off a Pensacola pier and no one is able to identify it. This odd find is not like any other fish seen before, leaving researchers baffled over what kind of fish this is that a fisherman pulled out of the ocean, according to WTSP News 10 on May 18.

Marine biologists have not seen anything exactly like this fish. The team of biologists at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute will have a crack at trying to identify this odd-looking fish.

The fish, which was caught earlier in the week, was so unusual that the fisherman who reeled it in decided to send it to the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute. He is hoping that a DNA test would provide more information on the creature. Is it a species that is already known, or is it a new species that was pulled out of the ocean?

According to the Inquisitr, even if the fish is a species not seen before, the DNA may at least determine what species the fish is related to as far as fish families go. It doesn’t look like a normal fish, but yet it doesn’t resemble any other type of sea creature known today.

As you can see above the creature is smooth, it doesn’t have any scales like a fish. The eyes are on the top of the fish’s head and they protrude looking almost like bubbles. The most bizarre aspect is the long tail that looks like an eel. The fish has no back fins, something you would expect for the creature to need when traveling through the water.

It would be very naive for anyone to think that people have seen all what this world has to offer in creature species. Last year an 800-lb. sea creature that measured 14 feet from head to tail was pulled out of the deep blue ocean off Japan.

A Japanese television crew captured the massive fish on camera when it was taping for a TV show. They called the creature a “dinosaur,” and that is what it looked like. Captain Mark Quartiano, a charter boat captain, said that the fish was “very old.” It had barnacles all over it which accumulated from being in the sea for a very long time.

The Japanese fish was never fully identified, tentatively they said it was a hookskate, but other scientist thought it was a fish that was even rarer, a daysyatis centroura, which is a stingray species that could grow to 700 lbs. That fish was another oddity, just like the one pulled off the Pensacola pier this week.

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