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Unjust ruling for a Colorado Husky

In Aurora, Colorado, the Keremes family are about to lose their family dog Nika due to an unjust ruling by the courts. Keith and Rachel Keremes were enjoying their honeymoon when Nika allegedly killed a rabbit in their neighbor's yard back in Aurora. Five days after they returned home, Nika was sentenced to death. The Keremes were unable to get a lawyer or gather evidence to dispute the ruling. They pleaded with the court offering to build an additional fence in their yard as extra precaution.This is Nika's first offense as she has never shown aggression before the alleged incident.

Even if the family tries to appeal the case, Nika will stay confined to a small cage in the Aurora Animal Shelter until that time. You can help save Nika by signing this petition. We need to give a voice to this family and their precious dog who did not deserve this treatment.

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