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University promotes Secretary to Instructional Designer-No Education Required

Stacy Thompson

Maybe it’s just me who is so grossly offended by this action. To assign a secretary to the responsibilities of an Instructional Designer is at the height of academic incompetence. My questions are; Is state level university education in that poor of a shape? Do state university administrators understand Instructional Design or Instructional Technologies in education? Are American universities that far behind in 21st Century Education and the value of technology in learning?

The Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, OK recently promoted Stacy Thompson an office secretary to be their new Online Instructional Designer. Ms. Thompson earned her B.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences, with an emphasis in Child Development from NSU. Her biography suggests no formal education, training or experience as an Instructional Designer. I’m sure that Stacy Thompson is a very nice young lady but she has to be completely unqualified for this position.

Many of the Professional Instructional Designers and Technologist have invested thousands of dollars, years of academic training and development to achieve these job titles. It is so disappointing to see the continuing corruption of our American Higher Education system. Maybe it would have been better to become a Plumber after all?

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