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Local school is NOT united in orange

Who would wash THUNDER out?
free BRONCOS clip art

One local school employee tries to wash the Broncos pride out of a second grade student while other teachers applaud the student's display of team spirit. This local school is not united in orange.

For the last week, Denver has been 'United in Orange' to rally community support for the Denver Broncos football team which will be facing the Seattle Sea Hawks in the Super Bowl game in New Jersey this Sunday. All over the local news and all across the country, fans are getting ready for the big game by wearing their team colors.

While the governor of the state of Colorado, the mayor of Denver and many businesses have encouraged fans to show their team spirit by displaying their blue and orange this week, there is a local downtown Denver school where they are not united in how to show that support. One of the administrators went against the idea of community support for the Broncos team on Thursday and crossed the line on her authority as a school employee.

A second grade student, who has been a Broncos fan since he learned about the game of football, will never forget this Super Bowl XLVIII. Whether the Broncos win or lose, this seven year old boy will remember the way his special salute to the Broncos was received with a conflicting reception at his school, University Prep in downtown Denver.

Set the stage. Thursday morning this student arrives at school and is greeted by the principal who applauds the student’s impressive haircut. The night before, in preparation for a special team picture, the mom had her son’s hair cut to depict the head of Thunder, the Broncos Mascot (Year of The Horse) and the words Super Bowl XLVIII as well as the colors orange, blue and white on his little head,

It was a tedious process to complete and an expensive haircut. Once at school, some teachers applauded the student's haircut. They took pictures of the student's impressive display of team spirit and complimented the lad on his artistic idea and community involvement. The seven year old was proud to be a Broncos fan.

But, after breakfast, something changed.

One teacher decided the haircut was not appropriate. This teacher decided it was against the University Prep dress code or for some other reason, she deemed it unacceptable by her standards and she took it upon herself to scrub the orange and blue colors out of the design on the young boy’s head.

She did this without consulting the child’s mother first. She did this with blatant disregard for showing respect and dignity for others. She took it upon herself to make the decision and act on it. It seemed the teacher wanted to dominate this student's spirit and steal his Thunder. She was wrong. Bad sportsmanship on her part.

If the school dress code did not allow for his haircut, the school principal should have stopped the child at the door. The principal applauded his haircut and other teachers joined him. Conflicting opinions? Standard operating procedure dictates that one must call the parent of the child and advise of the need for disciplinary action before proceeding. Why wasn't the mother called in advance of this action?

Understand that this young man is an exceptional scholar with good grades and impeccable manners. His social behavior is exemplary. For him to be ridiculed and abashed for this act of team spirit, in his display of community involvement called upon by the mayor, is not what he deserved. At the very least, his civil rights have been violated.

His mother should have been called and informed that her tasteful support of the Broncos was unacceptable. Her son has been rejected and victimized by this non-professional spoil sport in a position of authority. He will never forget it.

What did that second grade student learn in school today? What is right is right until somebody else says it's wrong? If you don't like it, do something about it. Maybe that woman was a Sea Hawks fan? Teach your children well about self respect and respect for others. Let's hope that your school teaches them the same values just as well.

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