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University of Virginia researchers create new HSDD diagnostic tool

University of Virginia reesearchers developed a tool to help clinicians diagnose hypoactive sexual desire disorder or HSDD. The five-question survey is designed to provide an accurate diagnosis, according to Medical News Today. The Medial News Today's article does not mention asexuality, but the diagnostic tool addresses concerns many asexuals have about the controversial disorder.

A patient must answer yes to all five questions in the survey to receive an HSDD diagnosis. She will be asked if her sexual experiences were satisfying to her in the past, if she is bothered by her lack of desire, and if she would like to see her libido increase. A fifth question asks the woman if she suffers stress, fatigue, pregnancy, and asks about any medications.

Asexuals believe many people receive an HSDD diagnosis because medical professionals do not know about asexuality. The DSM-V defines it as an orientation, but many disorders still list a lack of interest in sex as one of their symptoms. Aces often fear discussing asexuality with mental health professionals, because many therapists see it as a symptom.

Even though drug companies race to produce an HSDD drug, researchers are starting to recognize the difference between asexuality and a declining libido.

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