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University of Chicago joins Universal College Application

While much of the attention directed at the Common Application's myriad technical problems and user-un-friendliness has died down now that many college application deadlines for the 2013-2014 admissions cycle have passed, the Common Application is still helmed by the same individuals who led it to where it is today and it still operates in a way that puts the needs to students last.

Maybe because of such underlying rot at the heart of today's Common Application or maybe because it's always wise to hedge one's bets, today, the University of Chicago has announced that it is joining the Universal College Application starting later this year.

"We decided to announce we will join the Universal College Application for the next application year now because we want applicants, families, recommenders, and the Higher Education community to know of our commitment to providing them with an application option that is easy to use, reduces stress, and simplifies the process," said Jim Nondorf, Vice President for Enrollment at the University of Chicago. "We have been very happy with how easy it has been to work with the Universal College Application (UCA) team."

The announcement comes several months after a diverse array of other institutions picked up the Universal College Application mid-admissions cycle. Among those colleges that did so were Washington University in St. Louis and Cornell University. As of today there are a total of forty-four colleges that accept the UCA. The Common Application counts over 500 colleges and universities among its members.


Craig Meister is president of Tactical College Consulting, a Baltimore-based college admissions consultancy that specializes in giving students the tools they need to find and get into their best-fit college.

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