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University of Alabama halts voice of pro-lifers on campus

Members of the Students for Life of America on the University of Alabama campus are crying out because of the schools decision to censor the group regarding abortion. This comes after the university decided to tear down a pro-life bulletin board.

Students for Life of America -- Google Images
Students for Life of America -- Google Images

The pro-life student group is calling for a reverse in the decision and asking for the school to issue an apology.

"Bama Students for Life is very concerned about the University's censorship of our pro-life display. We have a right to express the truth about abortion and its devastating effects on the defenseless humans it kills and their mothers. We are looking forward to Rev. Mahoney's visit and hope that the University will right this wrong" said Claire Chretien, President of Bama Students for Life.

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Bama Students for Life have retained Alliance Defending Freedom as legal counsel and plan 2 days of public events to address this troubling loss of First Amendment rights and discrimination.

"University administrators all over the country need to know that they cannot bully pro-life students and trample on their constitutional rights. The more than 800 pro-life student groups in our national network stand with Bama Students for Life in calling on the University of Alabama to respect their students' rights to free speech" commented President of Students for Life of America, Kristan Hawkins.

2 weeks ago, the University removed a pro-life display, without notice after it had been up for several seeks, citing it was "offensive and graphic." In justifying their decision, an administrator told the group they were "lucky" to have their display up as long as it was.

Activities to overturn the Alabama university's decision will take place on February 19-20.

Keynote speaker on Wednesday, February 19 will be Students for Life of America Campus Advisor Rev. Patrick Mahoney.

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