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University lecturer says that Britain has a 'vampire subculture' of 15,000

According to "The Telegraph," Dr Emyr Williams, a psychology lecturer at Glyndwr University in Wrexham is doing an academic studied of what he calls a 'vampire subculture.' The doctor reported from his researching, that Britain has a population of 15,000 people that believe that they are vampires, and there could be over 30,000 people out there that donate their blood to these people.

Dr. Williams for over an decade had an academic interest in vampirism and its subculture. He created an online survey, to get an academic look at people who believe they are vampires, and to learn more of their life, beliefs, and even about their self-esteem.

He talked about how there are a group who drink blood and have a donor. These people are called Sanguine vampires. There are also psychic vampires, that come in the room and drain the energy of people.

Dr. Williams made this statement on why he is approaching this subjective matter:

I’m trying to find out about those people who live as vampires, not because they read it in literature and they’re role-players, but who genuinely think they are vampires and genuinely live that lifestyle." (Source: Telegraph)

He made a comment that he doesn't want to label these people as dangerous, and that it's a lot harder to get into this vampire community because of how private the people are. He believes that the psychology of vampires is interesting and he genuinely believes that it's not linked to mental illness. He sees it as more of a belief, a religion you could even say.

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