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University lecturer, John Hyatt, claims to photograph real fairies

John Hyatt photographs real fairies
John Hyatt photographs real fairies
John Hyatt

Professor John Hyatt from the Manchester School of Art claims fairies are real and he has photographs to prove it. According to an April 3 report on Mail Online, Hyatt has captured several images of ethereal beings winging their way through Rossendale Valley, Lancashire.

Hyatt claims the photos have been captured over the past two years and have not been digitally altered. According to Wyatt, he was surprised when he captured the first image of fairies. Thinking what he captured may have a logical explanation – other than the existence of fairies -Hyatt tried reproducing the images by photographing flies and insects to see if he could get the same results. He claims those images did not look anything like the tiny fairies he captured on film in Rossendale Valley.

Hyatt’s photographs of fairies are currently on display at the Whitaker Museum and Art Gallery in Rossendale. The title of the display is the Rossendale Fairies.

While Hyatt says people need to see these pictures and decide for themselves what they are, he believes they are fairies. He explains that he is not the first person to claim to have seen fairies.

'A lot of people who have seen them say they have brought a little bit of magic into their lives and there’s not enough of that around,' says Hyatt.

Responses to Hyatt’s fairy photographs have been overwhelmingly positive. Amy Bruni, paranormal investigator on “Ghost Hunters” summed up the feelings of many when she tweeted:

“Eeek! I want them to be real!”

Whether Wyatt has captured real fairies on film or there is some other explanation for these tiny winged creatures is not known, but one thing is for sure. Wyatt has captured the hearts and imagination of the child in all of us as we hesitate and ponder whether fairies might actually be real.

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